What Makes Live Casinos So Appealing to Gamblers?

What Makes Live Casinos So Appealing to Gamblers?

Live casino gambling is one of the common ways bettors engage to make money online. Indeed, gambling online can be through traditional means or staking on live casino games. Also, with live casinos, you enjoy bigger bonuses and loyalty rewards, better security, and faster payments.

This guide will compare live casinos to traditional online casinos in terms of user experience, benefits of playing online casinos. You will also discover the popular games you can play, and what the future of live casino technology holds.

How do live casinos compare to traditional online casinos?

When thinking of gambling at online casinos, you could choose between live casino games and traditional online casinos. Here are some factors that we use to compare them:

Live Dealer Vs RNG

With live casino games, gamblers stake with a live casino dealer. As a matter of fact, dealers in live casino games are people who collect stakes while processing your games. Gamblers will feel like they are in real-life casinos when stacking on live casino games.

Social Gambling

Another thing that makes live casinos desirable at Betiton for example is the chance to communicate with other players. There is a special feeling and experience when gambling on live games. Live casinos offer exciting and unique features which you can’t find in traditional online casinos.

Original Vs Electoral

While RNG has been used in traditional online casino games like poker, blackjack, to secure a transparent gaming experience, live casino offers more originality. For gamblers who patronize land-based casinos regularly and want a similar feeling, trying live casinos is your best option.

What are the most popular games at live casinos?

When seeking the most popular games at live casinos, here are the top choices:


One of the most popular live casinos is the blackjack game. This game is a hybrid game based on luck and skills to have a better chance of winning. This live casino game shows a table that a dealer and other gamblers can use.

Live Roulette

This is one of the top games offered on live casinos. It is a randomized game that players have little control over. This game deals with colors and balls which you must guess correctly to win money.


This is a fan’s favorite casino game that has become popular among gamblers. There are many variations to this table game which offers a big payout.


This is a classic casino game that is simple to play. However, winning in live poker games is tricky because many professional gamblers play this game. You could choose from Razz, Omaha, and Texas Hold’em.

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher was created by Evolution Gaming in 2017. You can find this game among the top wheel games in the world. This game is meant for gamblers who want something different from table games.

Live Monopoly

Live Monopoly is a game by Evolution Gaming that offers unique features. This board game combines live-action With AR to offer a great gaming experience.

Deal or No deal

Deal or no deal live casino game is based on a traditional version of the popular game show. Gamblers chose from different briefcases to know how much money is in each briefcase. Players can decide to accept deals from the banker or continue playing.

Football Studio

Football Studio live casino is a variant of Baccarat that is available on Evolution gaming studios. With this game, options available include home win, draw or away win. The gambler aims to predict which of the cards dealt by the dealer has the greatest value. 

How has the development of live casino gaming been impacted by technology?

Live Casino gaming has been impacted by technology through the following means:

Optical Character Recognition

Because of live casinos, there are have been a development when it comes to OCR. This OCR helps recognize card games and other elements in live games. With this technology, you are assured of getting responsible and fair gaming practices.

Random Number Generator

RNG is one of the top technologies which has a positive impact on live casino gaming. This algorithm ensures fairness and those game outcomes are not predetermined.

Advanced Encryption

Live casinos now enjoy advanced technology to guard against security breaches and financial information. With the help of advanced encryption, data between players and dealers are scrabbled with helps confuse hackers.

The Future of Live Casino Technology

The Future of live casino technology is bright due to these:

Digital currency

Crypto has crept into the gambling scene and more online casinos are expected to accept bitcoin and other digital currencies in the future. This will help for a quicker and safer gambling experience.

Cloud Gaming

With the Cloud gaming, you play high-quality games due to the user—interface which has been upgraded. Consoles won’t be needed and gamblers can play from anywhere in the world.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has become popular in the gambling industry and it is expected to do better in the future of live casinos. Live casino games will do well with augmented and Virtual reality.


This guide has delved into live casinos and what makes live casinos appealing to gamblers. Also, we compared online live casinos to traditional online casino gambling. Furthermore, technology has made a major impact on live casino gambling and we have shown what the future of online live casino technology might look like.

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