How to make the right Choice about Digital Notary NYC

How to make the right Choice about Digital Notary NYC

If you need to have a document notarized, have access to the necessary equipment and software, and are looking to save time and money, online notarization may be the best choice for you. You may save time and money on travel costs by using a digital notarization services like instead of visiting a real notary facility in New York. Those who have trouble getting about, or who don’t reside close to a notary public, may find digital notarization more practical.

Documents pertaining to real estate, however, must be notarized in person and hence must be notarized in the traditional manner. Also, certain internet notarization services may demand extra costs above and above what a traditional notary would charge. Electronic notarization may save you money, but traditional notarization is more practical. Moreover, it’s worth noting that not all states or document categories support online notarization. Check local and national laws to ensure web notarization is acceptable before proceeding.

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The pitfalls of virtual notarization

While having your papers notarized digitally might save you time and effort, it is important to be aware of the potential risks involved:

  • Problems with the technology. A PC or mobile device with a camera, an active internet connection, and specialized software are all necessities for web notarization. Sometimes, the notarization procedure might be delayed or even rendered impossible due to technical issues.
  • Restriction on acceptable papers. There may be restrictions on the sorts of documents that may be notarized online, despite the fact that online notarization is permitted in many jurisdictions. For real estate deals, for instance, a notary public may be needed in certain jurisdictions.
  • Safety issues. While using an online notary, confidential papers must be sent over the Internet. Selecting a trustworthy electronic notary service that protects your papers and data using encryption and other precautions is crucial.
  • The availability of notaries is restricted. The accessibility of internet-based notarization is not universal. It’s possible you’ll need to make an appointment with a notary or wait until one becomes available.
  • Charge. There may be extra costs associated with using an internet notarization service. Before beginning, you should have a firm grasp of the whole price tag and available payment options.
  • Refusal of notarization. When doing commercial or legal activities, there is a greater chance that one or both parties may insist on having the document notarized in person.
  • Conformity with the law. Online notarization is subject to the laws of the state where it is performed and the document being notarized. Before beginning the electronic notarization procedure, you need to make sure you meet all legal criteria.

Overall, there are a number of different documents and scenarios where a mobile notarization would be an excellent choice. But, before going down this road, it’s crucial to learn about the risks and restrictions that might arise.


Depending on the nature of the document and the circumstances, online notarization may be the most time- and money-efficient alternative. But, your individual circumstances will determine whether or not virtual notarization is preferable to traditional one. In certain cases, the fees charged by virtual notarization services may even outweigh the costs of traditional notarization. You will need to make a decision between the time and money savings offered by digital notarization and the reassurance provided by a conventional one.

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