How To Have A Blast At Your First Korean Karaoke Night?

How To Have A Blast At Your First Korean Karaoke Night?

Going to karaoke is probably the best way to unwind yourself after a long day of work. This is exactly what Korean people do. But if it’s your first time to a Korean karaoke, there are a few things you need to know about the noraebang culture.

First of all, Korean karaoke is different from regular karaoke. Instead of a stage, it takes place in a private room. To enjoy your karaoke session to the fullest, you must follow a few rules. We will discuss all of that in the post below.

Things To Remember At A Korean Karaoke

Koreans are very particular about their culture. As a foreigner, you must respect their culture and follow the rules set by their society.

Here are some important things to remember when at 퍼펙트 가라오케 :

  • Go with your friends

Korean karaoke takes place in private rooms. If you want to enjoy yourself without any worries, you should go with your friends or people you know. This way it is not only safer, but you will also have a great time singing and dancing.

  • Don’t interfere

You should not interfere when someone else is singing. Let’s say, your friend has picked a song. Even if he/she is struggling to sing it beautifully, allowing them to enjoy their time. In Korean culture, it is considered rude to sing songs chosen by other people. Sing only if the other person asks you to join them.

  • Don’t repeat songs

It’s understandable if you want to sing your favorite song multiple times. But since you are with your friends, you should consider their liking as well. Singing the same song on repeat might be enjoyable for you, but not for them. If you want to practice singing, you should go to a solo karaoke room.

  • Wait for your turn

Hogging the mic from someone’s hand is considered impolite. You should always wait for your turn and let the person before you finish. This is one rule you cannot ignore when going to a Korean karaoke.

  • Select upbeat songs

This might sound odd, but you should always pick upbeat songs. The purpose of going to a noraebang is to enjoy yourself with your friends. Filling up your playlist with slow or sad songs is just not done. Since you are at a public karaoke, you must think about your friends as well.

  • Avoid the priority reserve button

When singing at a public noraebang, you should avoid the Priority Reserve Button. Pressing this button will move the song you choose right in front of the queue. This button should be used only when your friends agree to let you sing before your turn or in emergencies when you have to leave early.

Final Words

When in Korea, you must go to 퍼펙트 가라오케. It is the best way to entertain yourself with your friends and family. Also, it will give you the true essence of Korean culture and lifestyle.

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