10 Reasons Every Homeowner Needs a Home Warranty

10 Reasons Every Homeowner Needs a Home Warranty

A home warranty is a domestic service agreement that pays for the upkeep of appliances or systems in a home for a predetermined period. Every homeowner needs a home warranty. Whether you want to sell your home and need your potential buyers to have a certain level of satisfaction in the property, or you are a homeowner who cannot afford to replace certain home appliances yet but only wants to repair them, or peradventure you want to have a system in place for repair and replacement emergencies, you can order home warranty online.

 When you subscribe to a home warranty plan online, you can make a claim whenever a breakdown of systems or appliances covered by the warranty happens. Although you pay a small fee for the service, it saves you a high repair cost without a warranty. Getting a home warranty will earn you the following benefits.


Eases the Cost of Emergency Repairs

In cases where your refrigerator, garage door opener, microwave, or any other home appliance suddenly stops working or starts to malfunction due to wear and tear, they can be fixed without you having to pay heavily. This is because the warranty is a buffer for the repair costs. That way, you would not have to worry so much, even when it is an unplanned expense.


All-inclusive Coverage

With a home warranty, you can cover as many home appliances or systems as you want. Think of any home appliance that means so much to you, and you cannot afford for it to stop working. A home warranty gets you covered. Systems that keep the home running, such as the plumbing system, electrical system, water heater, and many more, can also be covered in the home warranty.



If you intend to sell or move out of your current home, which has a running warranty, you can transfer it to the buyers or new occupants. This will increase the property’s value and make a better deal for you. Asides this, you also have confidence in the property you are selling, and your buyers will surely get satisfaction for their money.


Convenient to Use

Instead of having to abandon more pressing issues to search around for a repairer whenever a system breaks down, all you need to do is contact your home warranty company, and they will arrange the repair in no time. This saves the stress and time involved in finding quality service for repairs all by yourself.


Adequate Maintenance of Appliances.

Having a standby quality maintenance system for your home helps prevent minor damages from becoming major ones. This would help promote the longevity of your home appliances while preventing the chances of replacing them, which will most likely incur more costs.


Protects Aging Homes

Older homes are prone to more breakdowns because they usually have aging appliances. A home warranty, therefore, helps to reduce the cost of maintenance of those systems to ensure smooth use and operation in the home, or perhaps replace them altogether at a pocket-friendly rate.


Protects Expensive Appliances

Not all home gadgets are worth the same. Some are more expensive and more essential than others. It is, therefore, necessary to properly maintain them to prevent them from attracting higher replacement costs too soon. A home warranty ensures those appliances are properly repaired in cases of damage.


Professional Repair Service

Have you tried to fix a breakdown in the home yourself but realized that it would have been better done by a more skilled person? This shows that Do It Yourself (DIY) does not always work. Otherwise, you could be causing more damage. Home warranty companies ensure to arrange a professional repair or replacement service each time there is a warranty claim.


Additional Protection Service

Aside from ensuring that home systems and appliances are properly maintained, homeowners can also include additional facilities like the pool, spa, and pumps in the warranty. That way, there is coverage of more items in the home.


Covers Things Outside Home Insurance

While home insurance caters for damages from external sources and damage to assets, the home warranty ensures that the day-to-day appliances and systems needed for the smooth running of the home are in shape, which is essential for convenience.


While home ownership comes with costs and expenses, home warranties help to minimize them and also ensure proper maintenance of items in the home. It can also serve as a selling point to potential buyers, which makes it worth investing in.