Using Employee Kits To Welcome New Hires

Using Employee Kits To Welcome New Hires

Building a company culture involves numerous components to be successful. One of the most important aspects of your company’s culture is how it integrates new hires into the existing teams. When you’re new at a job it can be intimidating and anything that helps the process go more smoothly is beneficial to both the company and the new hire. Two common ways companies communicate a sense of teamwork and belonging are through branded apparel and custom employee kits. While company-branded apparel is easily understood and common, a good employee welcome kit is often overlooked. A well-designed employee kit can put new employees at ease and ensure that they are both welcome and ready to take on the duties of their new job.

Designing An Employee Welcome Kit

A good employee kit requires a bit of planning to ensure it communicates the right message. When designing a custom employee kit keep the following questions in mind.

  • The Message: consider what message you are trying to put across. Most companies have a broader vision or goals they are trying to accomplish. Think about how to explain this to your new hires and also communicate a positive message about your company.
  • Design: an employee kit can be very versatile in design. Branding is important in how a business presents itself, not just to customers, but to employees as well. Think about how you want to present your brand, how you want the kit to look, what colors you should use, and the overall tone of any writing or included written material.
  • Making Someone Feel Welcome: when you hire somebody you want them to feel welcome and also want to continue working for your company for many years to come. Your employee kit can communicate many different ideas, such as job preparation, general encouragement, and making them feel like they are a part of the team and the larger company culture.
  • As a Training Tool: many positions require long onboarding periods to learn all the skills needed to do the job effectively. A welcome kit can help in the training process by putting the recipient in the right mindset to learn and develop their skills.

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How a Welcome Kit Can Reflect Your Business

  • Introduce Your Brand and Vision: your employee kit introduces new employees to your wider company vision and welcomes them to it. Design elements such as your company logo, official colors, customized boxes, and how the kit is configured can tell the recipient a great deal about your company’s brand.
  • Motivation: a common problem new hires encounter is knowing what to do and having guidance. You can include tools such as instructions, expectations, a contact list, and a team calendar to provide some guidance and a framework of how their position functions. This can motivate new employees to start learning their job and reduce confusion about what their new role is meant to be.
  • Create a Good First Impression: a well-made welcome kit shows competence to your new employees. Showing competence through a well-designed employee welcome kit assures an employee they made the right choice in coming to work for you. Something as simple as a nice shirt with your company logo shows the quality your company stands for.
  • To Inform: when designing a welcome kit you can add documentation answering common questions. This allows your new employees to spend their time learning about their new job duties or completing training instead of asking common questions.

A welcome kit is more than a simple box with random items. With planning and a commitment to good design, you can use your employee welcome kits to inform, educate, and motivate those who have chosen to work with your company.

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