How to Find a Chicago 24 Hour Locksmith

How to Find a Chicago 24 Hour Locksmith

An honest 24 hour locksmith can turn any minor annoyance into an easy solution. They can assist with creating new keys, changing problematic locks and updating security systems.


Nothing is more infuriating than finding yourself locked out of your house or car at an inconvenient time, especially late at night or early in the morning. Finding a 24 hour locksmith can be a way to solve this problem quickly and easily.

Consider whether or not the locksmith offers additional services like alarm system installation and repair; this can save both time and money when searching for someone to fix your lock in the middle of the night or on weekends, saving both hassles. If a locksmith provides additional help such as these it could be worth paying an extra fee to receive their assistance.


Professional 24 hour locksmiths possess the experience to effectively diagnose and repair lock problems quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, they possess extensive knowledge about different types of locks as well as possessing the skill set needed for installing them correctly. A quality 24 hour locksmith will also offer free estimates before beginning their work.

Lockouts can happen at any time. As a homeowner or business owner, it is wise to have the number of a 24 hour locksmithin Chicago ready and waiting. Emergencies often arise at unexpected moments: whether it is locking yourself out of your house or forgetting keys in the car, emergency situations arise at times when we least expect it and can become dangerous situations quickly.

Emergency locksmith services often respond quickly to home lockout situations. Residential locksmiths specialize in this service and can get you back into your home quickly while also helping increase its security with installation of additional door jambs or locks for additional protection.

An emergency commercial locksmith situation often arises after an attempted or actual break-in at your place of business. An experienced commercial locksmith can make your place of business more secure by installing strategically-placed security cameras and high-tech alarm systems, as well as rekeying locks after employee turnover to prevent unapproved access to the building.


A great 24 hour locksmith should come equipped with all of the tools and equipment necessary for handling all kinds of situations, from being locked out to installing new locks after a break-in or upgrading security systems or changing combinations on safes.

They are skilled at handling magnetic locks and prox key access control systems as well as being able to rekey locks so one key opens all doors while others only open certain rooms within buildings.

Your locksmith costs depend on what services you require; emergency lockouts tend to be more costly than standard residential and commercial services due to needing pick locks or drilling into doors and windows. Most locksmiths strive to minimize drilling as this compromises security of property.


When selecting the appropriate locksmith to secure and protect your property, be mindful of both cost and what services are required. During an estimate request, always inquire about any additional fees that could apply. This can help you plan financially for this service. You can also visit this site for a license lookup tool from the state of Illinois that can help you determine whether the company you’re looking at is legitimate.

Look for a locksmith with an actual physical address; that way you can be certain they are an established service and not some unlicensed or scamming outfit. Furthermore, make sure they carry insurance as they will be working directly on your home and valuables. If unsure, check online reviews and obtain references from past customers before making your choice.

Expect to pay a service fee on every visit as well as a higher hourly rate after-hours; in some instances a locksmith may even need to drill through doors or security measures, further increasing costs.

Finally, avoid companies advertising themselves as “locksmith” hotlines; these could potentially divert your caller number elsewhere or transfer your number directly into call centers in another state.

Remember, your home and car both hold immense value, so investing in professional locksmith services may be worth the cost in terms of future replacement of belongings. Furthermore, consider upgrading to smart locks which can be controlled via your smartphone for added peace of mind.

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