The Secret to Killing Time

The Secret to Killing Time

It’s incredibly common to find yourself in a situation where you’re doing nothing apart from waiting for time to pass. Maybe you’re on a train, perhaps you’re in a waiting room, or you could even be sitting at home, waiting for a certain time to arrive. Whatever the case, waiting for time to pass can always make it feel like it’s taking longer than it otherwise would. The key lies in distraction, but it’s hard to distract yourself when you know you’re trying to distract yourself.

You know you don’t have time to get too invested in anything, and you might not even be in the mood a lot of the time, but there’s a perfect solution out there somewhere.

Repeatable Activities

With that in mind, you might turn your attention to shorter activities. Games are a good example of this. Shorter games, like casino classics found at the best online casinos in Australia, or individual runs of rogue-like games, can provide this kind of experience. In this sense, you can be more enraptured by what’s happening due to its shorter form and the fact that you can complete an entire game within the wait – also giving you room to repeat this game or try another one if you finish with time to spare.

Longer campaigns that you can only play for fifteen minutes might not appeal to you in the same way due to how you don’t have time to ease into it before you’re off again.

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Errands and Chores

Initially, this might sound like the last thing that you want to be doing, but it’s a way of using that impatience and irritability that you get from waiting to your advantage. With that energy, just tidying up around your home can feel like you’re being productive with your time, and just putting away a couple of items from the drying rack can quickly turn into wiping down the sides of the kitchen or putting a wash on.

If you’re outside of the house, this might not apply to the same degree, but then again, you do live in a digital age. While you can’t conduct household chores through your phone, you can still do certain errands – such as sending emails or talking to people about organizing events that are coming up or anything else that you’ve been putting off until now.

Stop Clock Watching

The most tempting thing to do when you’re waiting for time to pass is to stare at the clock or check back as often as possible. This is made easier by how readily available the time is when you have a phone in your pocket or when you’re looking at your phone to pass the time in the first place. However, this repeated checking will only make it go more slowly in your mind and remind you of how long you have left to go. If you’re serious about letting yourself get sucked in by a distraction, you have to get yourself out of the mindset of waiting at all – which might simply involve finding something that you can get genuinely interested in.

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