Style vs. Golf Attire: How to Have Both

Style vs. Golf Attire: How to Have Both

Golf is an exciting and rewarding sport. The nature of golf and the environment it’s played in make it one of the few activities enjoyed by people of all ages. Whether you are playing at one of these Huntsville golf courses with a couple of friends or just on your own, it engages your body and mind giving you a thrill like no other.

That said, you need to consider the proper golf attire before stepping on a golf course. You can’t just throw on a pair of jeans and a blouse to strike some golf balls. Golf has a rich history, which among other things, dictates what you can wear. So much so that many clubs and courses actually have dress codes they enforce to maintain a sense of professionalism and respectability.

So, can you still be stylish while staying true to the sport? Definitely, you can have both by picking up these items today, from Fairliar USA:

A Golf Jacket

If you are an avid golfer, or at least plan to be this season, a golf jacket from Fair Liar is something you definitely want to include in your outfit. Remember, the weather can get unfriendly, fast, in the fall. And you don’t want to be caught unawares. Luckily, this jacket is lightweight enough to carry in your golf bag.

Now, your jacket or jumper does not have to be dull and formal. A touch of detail, like flower prints can take your outfit to the next level.

Pleated Culottes Pants

Comfort and easy movement are among golf attire’s most important things to look for. And what better than a pair of wide-legged pants? Culottes, which look like skirts but have a split in the middle, have been popular golf wear for ages.

Add some buttons and pleats to that, and you have yourself some pretty pants to rock in your next afternoon at the club.

Sleeveless Knit Top

Because it is no crime to turn heads at the golf course, you might want to get yourself a couple of high-quality sleeveless knit tops. They are quite stylish, and what makes them even better is they keep you cool and comfy throughout. Not to forget, they are made from stretch material to give you an excellent range of motion on the course.

Sleeveless Dresses

You can never go wrong with a sleeveless dress on the golf course. Thanks to its ultra-stretchy and soft material, this item will flutter your body while keeping you comfortable. And they come with detachable underpants for that extra layer of cover.

Summer Cardigans

A summer cardigan will surely come in handy for those chilly days on the course. But besides keeping you warm, these stylish items show everyone just how fashionable you are, of course, while still respecting the game.

Ribbon Visor/ Cap

Ribbon visors are a staple on the golf course, more among women who want to showcase style. Donning one makes you stand out in the crowd, as well as protects you from harsh UV rays. They fit perfectly and might feature an array of details for that extra layer of sophistication.

Stay Stylish, Comfortable & True to Golf with These Trendy Items

Are you planning a day at the golf course? Want to show up stylishly while still being appropriate? These items make an excellent place to start. Choose your items for the day, and get ready to rock the course.

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