Fast Cultivation: The Advantages of Autoflowering Seeds

Fast Cultivation: The Advantages of Autoflowering Seeds

Growing cannabis is a long process for some strains. Some varieties can take up to eight months. Autoflowering cannabis grows much faster and offers a range of benefits for growers. Those new to growing this type of seed should learn more about the advantages to make a sound decision.

What Is an Autoflowering Seed?

Autoflowering seeds are a product of crossbreeding. Breeders crossbreed Sativa, Indica, or Ruderalis strains, creating a superior seed that does not need the fussy schedule of many cannabis strains. Researching the right breeder or seed bank is critical if you need autoflowering seeds.

What Are the Advantages of Auto flowering Seeds?

As people pursue the selection in seed shops, they will eventually come across auto-flowering options. These seeds offer many benefits, especially to new growers.

Harvest Throughout the Year

Auto flowering marijuana seeds do not need a specific light schedule to begin flowering. People can grow cannabis all year without experiencing issues with harvesting bountiful buds.

Ideal For Beginners

Many beginners will appreciate auto-flowering seeds because they are not as picky as other types of cannabis. Auto-flowering varieties are forgiving, allowing novice growers to get their hands dirty without stressing.

Fast Growth

Many new growers are surprised to learn some auto-flowering cannabis can go from seed to harvest in ten weeks. Growers can harvest multiple times, allowing them to enjoy fresh buds throughout the year with little effort.

High Resiliency

New growers sometimes become discouraged when growing traditional cannabis seeds because they can quickly experience damage and disease. Auto-flowering varieties have a high resiliency level. These varieties are hearty and will continue to thrive, even if the growing conditions are not ideal.

Simple Growing Process

Auto-flowering cannabis plants are the easiest to grow than any other variety. Unlike their photoperiod counterparts, auto-flowering cannabis requires no specific light/dark schedule. Growers will not have to worry about complicated timetables. These plants initiate their flowering stage a few weeks after the vegetation growth period, regardless of the light they receive.


Some cannabis plants require a lot of supplies, including pH testers, specific fertilizers, and certain growing conditions. Auto-flowering cannabis is much more affordable and ideal for new growers who do not want to invest much money into their hobby. These plants also require much less electricity.

Tips for Growing Auto-Flowering Cannabis

Although growing auto-flowering cannabis is not overly complicated, some tips will make it even easier.  Consider the following information to get started.

  • Choose seeds with the best genetics to ensure hearty plants that will remain disease-resistant and produce beautiful buds.
  • It is essential growers do not re-pot their auto-flowering cannabis plants because doing so can stunt their growth.
  • Although auto-flowering cannabis varieties do not require a lot of extras, it does not hurt to add a root stimulant right after the plants begin to sprout.
  • Grow this cannabis in light and airy soil for the best results. Light and airy soil contains less nitrogen which will be highly beneficial for auto-flowering varieties.

Get Started Choosing the Perfect Cannabis Seeds

Now is an ideal time to find the perfect cannabis seeds for your collection. Those new to growing cannabis will appreciate the forgiving nature of auto-flowering varieties. These cannabis seeds are easy to grow and do not require much time between planting and harvesting. Get started today, and soon reap the benefits.

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