10 Tips for Camping With Toddlers

10 Tips for Camping With Toddlers

Do you want to introduce your toddlers to the Camping experience? Or perhaps you want a family summer activity quite different from the regular, and camping sounds like it?

With these tips, you can plan and have a fun and worthwhile camping experience with your family and toddlers are not excluded:

  1. Choose the right weather

When camping with toddlers, you might want to consider the climate conditions before going out. To have a hassle-free and less frustrating family time, we suggest camping when the weather is fair and bright. Cold and wet weather out in the open will only ruin your toddlers’ fun.

  1. The bigger the tent, the better

Now you are going camping with toddlers, skip your regular-sized bell tent for two and go for bigger sizes. Ample space is key when camping with third parties, especially kids.

  1. Camping toys and activities

Ensure your toddlers have a swell time out camping by packing up camping toys and planning toddler-appropriate activities. Why? Camping with a bored toddler will quickly take a left turn and ruin the experience for everyone.

  1. Camping gears and essentials

From your belle tent to loads of wipes, to disposable diapers, breathable clothing, insect repellents and sunscreen, come fully prepared with your essentials and camping gear.

  1. Survey the campsite

Some campsites are privately owned and provide the basic amenities, while others are government-owned, like national forests and parks, and you’d be left to cater for yourself. Check out your campsite before camping to be sure it is safe for toddlers and to know what needs to be brought along the camping, like disposable diapers where there are no WCs.

  1. Pack up favourites

Our toddlers’ favourite toys, bedtime stories, music, electronics and whatnot should be prioritised. This way, the experience is not so overwhelming, and they have an element of what it feels like to be home with them.

  1. Sleeping arrangements

Depending on what makes your kids comfortable at home, you should consider either co-sleeping or packing up travel cots for your toddlers when going camping.

  1. Plan for food and drinks

A major secret to a stress-free camping experience with nippers is adequate food and drinks. If your campsite does not have restaurants or nearby stores to buy food and drinks, then bring along all the food, snacks and drinks for the duration of your stay. We advise you to prep all your perishable food and store them properly before setting out.

  1. Don’t overstay

You don’t want to overdo it with your stay in the outdoors, especially for first-time toddler campers. An extended stay might become frustrating for your nippers and make things go south. A couple of days are enough to ease your toddlers into the camping experience as noobs.

  1. Get them familiar with camping

You don’t want to spring up with something like camping with your toddlers without adequate preparations. It might not end well. So, practise short hours camping out in your backyards to get them familiar with the experience and prepped for the big day.

With these tips, you are assured a swell time camping with your toddlers. Who knows? This might be the experience that gets them to fall in love with camping.

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