How to Stand Out at Trade Shows with Innovative Booth Designs

How to Stand Out at Trade Shows with Innovative Booth Designs

Whether it’s a smoothie bike or a pet goat, cute animals can bring attendees to your booth. It is an especially great idea to tie it into your brand. Guests can share their opinions by writing on whiteboards, using Post-It notes, texting, using data entry kiosks or any other way you can capture information and generate engagement.

Adding a Phone Charging Station

A phone charging station can encourage attendees to stay longer in your booth, as they can use the power-up to continue chatting and networking. It is a great way to show you care about your guests and create a lasting brand impression. Even traditional ‘low-tech’ industries can benefit from adding interactivity to their booths, like the build-your-own snack station that a food company could set up. Interactivity also includes incorporating virtual or augmented reality, which can be a fun and engaging way to showcase your products. Finally, consider incorporating a seating area to offer visitors somewhere comfortable and quiet to take a breather from the busy expo floor. Infinity Exhibits can give your booth a homey feel, making it more welcoming and inviting.

Adding Fun Elements to Your Booth

Incorporating fun elements into your booth design can attract more visitors and help you convert them to leads. Infinity Exhibits can do this by using interactive technology, such as a touchscreen that allows people to try out products or interact with a virtual game. Virtual reality can also be used in the booth to immerse people into your brand’s story and experience.

For instance, a traditional food and beverage company could incorporate a really innovative trade show booth design by having a build-your-own-snack station and inviting attendees to tag your business in their social media posts. An oversized item like a giant ice cream cone or a brightly colored inflatable can also grab peoples attention. Another fun idea is an info hunt contest. Guests can answer questions or complete forms before visiting the booth to earn entries into a giveaway for a prize.

Adding a Selfie Station

Adding a selfie station to your booth is another great way to draw people in. People love taking photos of themselves, especially with props. These pictures, often known as “selfies,” are shared with friends and family on social media. Your guests can choose from Full Frame images, Boomerangs and GIFs with a custom backdrop or digital props. They can then text or email their pictures, share them on Facebook and Twitter instantly, or get them printed for instant souvenirs. Guests can also take photos without a backdrop to capture their surroundings or other event attendees. It can be done on a flat screen or a ring light photo booth. This booth type can also feature an interactive quiz or game to engage visitors and help them learn more about your company’s products or services.

Adding a Photo Opportunity

We live in a world of selfies, so adding a photo opportunity at your booth is a sure way to attract people. Make it fun and exciting with a backdrop that matches your brand’s aesthetic. Have your guests share their pictures on social media and include your company branding to gain more exposure. You can also give away a branded photo frame so visitors can take home a memento of your booth. This giveaway adds value to your visitors and helps you build long-lasting relationships with them. Including seating at your booth allows guests to relax and recharge, which makes them more receptive to learning about your brand. It also creates a more intimate experience for them. It is especially important if you have a large booth and want to keep people engaged.

Adding a Prize Wheel

Adding a prize wheel is a classic way to encourage booth visitors. The element of chance is eye-catching, and your prizes can range from branded merchandise to even a vacation getaway. Consider offering a contest that matches your business persona or theme. For example, computer hardware company Alienware asks attendees to share their experiences in their way for the chance to be featured at their booth. A treasure hunt is another fun booth game encouraging visitors to explore your display space. Provide a map or list of clues that lead them to different spots within your booth or throughout the show floor. Each place they visit provides them with a stamp, sticker, or code word that they can use to redeem for a prize.

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