Discovering Dubai: Your Ultimate Guide To Unforgettable Holidays

Discovering Dubai: Your Ultimate Guide To Unforgettable Holidays

It’s no wonder that Dubai tops the list of the most visited cities in the world. It’s home to the Burj Khalifa, the popular Dubai Mall, ancient museums, and many other adventurous places. If you’ve been vacationing in many countries but haven’t considered Dubai, you should add it to your bucket list of places to visit because you’ve been missing out on some real fun.

On your next vacation, you can experience what thousands of tourists have enjoyed in this nice city. There are many available relaxing vacation rentals for Dubai holidays. And it’s far better than staying in hotels. Hotels are too mundane and don’t offer a memorable vacation experience.

In this article, you’ll discover ways to make the most of your vacation in this Arabian city.

Are Vacation Rentals Truly Better Than Hotels?

Of course, if you’re a hotel person, it could be quite challenging to just break that tradition, but the thing is hotels don’t offer a better holiday experience like rentals. Hotels are suitable for international business meetings or any other official engagement, but for rewinding and going on holidays, rentals are ideal.

Won’t you prefer having an apartment to yourself than just a hotel room?

Here are the benefits of staying in rentals.

Being Home When Far Away From Home

Imagine waking up to a well-equipped kitchen, a cozy living room, and a spacious bedroom. For a while, you could think you’re home. That’s the convenience of staying in rentals as a vacationer.

You can have all the comforts of being home even if you’re thousands of miles away from it. Hotels don’t offer this much comfort and if you’d like to spend your holiday in Dubai, you’ll enjoy it more if you stay in a rental.

More Cost-effective Than Hotels

Many folks prefer vacationing with friends and family. If this is how you’d like to spend your vacation, you can book a rental that you all can stay in. It’s far more cost-effective than booking many hotel rooms.

Plus, with a well-equipped kitchen, you and your family can decide to cook your own meals instead of eating out. This way, you can cut down your feeding expenses. You can also share the rental booking fee with family and friends, ensuring you spend less.

This is one of the major benefits of rentals.

Unique Experiences

Typically, hotels offer cookie-cutter experiences, but with rentals, you get involved in the local culture and environment of the people. Many top-notch rentals in Dubai are situated in nice neighborhoods.

Rentals in such locations allow you to meet new people, bond, and have a genuine local Dubai experience.


Many vacation rentals in Dubai have luxurious amenities such as swimming pools, bathtubs, Xboxes, novels, and the like. This makes your vacation worthwhile and it also makes you feel at home all the more.

If you keep a dog, cat, or rabbit as a pet, many rentals in Dubai are pet-friendly.

Ways To Enjoy Your Dubai Vacation

If you’d like to know some creative ways to spend your Dubai vacation, here they are:


If you don’t fear heights, skydiving is one of the ways to have an amazing Dubai vacation. You get to see the city from a pretty high altitude. Many tourists and vacationers go skydiving and if you’d like to experience such, you can do that in the Arabian city.

Visit the Burj Khalifa

Who wouldn’t like to visit the tallest building in the entire world? The Burj Khalifa is one of the iconic places in Dubai. It has up to 58 elevators, and 163 floors, and it’s quite an exquisite piece of architecture.

Most tourists who visit Dubai for the first time don’t fail to check out this building. You can get a pretty amazing view of the city’s skyline from its roof. In the course of exploring this building, you can also meet fellow vacationers, bond with them, and have a great holiday together.

Shop at the Dubai Mall

If you’ve got some money to spend on your vacation, you can get real value for your money at the popular Dubai Mall. Given the fact that it is the biggest mall in the entire world, you can shop for virtually anything you need.

It’s home to 1,200 stores, features numerous luxury fashion brand items, and has places you can have some fun such as the Dubai Aquarium, the Underwater Zoo, and the like. Of course, items at the Dubai Mall can be quite expensive. So, if you’re on a tight budget, it’s best you spend less.

Final Thoughts

What’s your vacation schedule? Going on one anytime soon? You should consider the “Burj Khalifa” city. There are nice places to visit, fun things to do, and luxurious vacation rentals to stay in.

You’ll have a memorable experience vacationing in Dubai

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