Signs Your Electrical Panel Needs an Upgrade

Signs Your Electrical Panel Needs an Upgrade

Your electrical panel plays a big part in your home. Sometimes they age and sometimes they just stop working. Before you search for electric panel upgrade in PA you should have a good idea of what would require such a change. Here are some signs that you should be on the lookout for.

You Have a Fuse Box

While this isn’t a “sign” like the others, if you live in an older house, and you have a fuse box, that is considered a safety hazard. It’s also more expensive to buy fuses and constantly have to replace them as opposed to just flipping a switch on a circuit breaker. Many insurance companies won’t cover you if you have one — so it’s important to upgrade as soon as possible.

Your Lights Are Constantly Flickering

If you notice that a single light is flickering in a room, it could just mean that something’s going on with the wiring in the fixture (which should be repaired) or that the bulb is on it’s way out. If it’s happening all around the house, that can mean that something’s going on with your electrical panel.

Your Circuit Breaker Is Always Tripping

As people keep on adding all kinds of electrical gadgets, including phones, laptops, and tablets that constantly need charging, this can put a strain on older electrical panels. This will trip the circuit breaker, so if you find yourself always having to go to the panel and flip a switch, you might want to consider upgrading it to handle the new electrical load.

You Get Small Electric Shocks When Touching Appliances

This means that the panel isn’t regulating the electricity well. It’s not the same as your touching an appliance when it’s in the teens outside. If this is happening regularly, you need to have a professional come take a look at what’s going on with your electrical panel and install a new one.

There’s a Burning Smell

If you smell this, it’s always a bad sign. It means that something is going on with the wiring in the wall and your electrical panel can’t handle it. Get someone over to your place and have them get everything under control. This is not a time to just wait and see if the smell goes away — it can lead to a disaster.

There Are Scorch Marks Around Electrical Outlets

Here’s another scenario where you need to move quickly if you spot it. Scorch marks are never a “wait and see if anything happens” type of situation. It means that something’s going on with the outlet and also your electrical panel. Call a home electrician in PA as soon as you see it. Otherwise, it could lead to very expensive regret.

Your Electrical Panel Is Warm to the Touch

You shouldn’t be able to use your electrical panel as a way to warm your hands on those frigid winter days. That can mean that something is overloading the panel and it can’t handle it. If that happens, bad things can happen, including power outages and even electrical fires. Contact an expert to come take a look at the panel and upgrade it as needed.

Technology, and the things that use it, are always being upgraded. Your electrical panel should be on that list of upgrades. You can anticipate them lasting anywhere between 25 and 40 years, but you should keep your eye on their performance and also see what kind of requirements new appliances need.

It’s important to act when you see these signs. Otherwise, they could wind up escalating, and you could even have an electrical fire if you’re not careful. Paying to upgrade your electrical panel is a lot less expensive than repairing fire damage. Being proactive could save you a lot of money. That will make everything worth it.

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