Rekindle The Flames Of Passion On Your Second Honeymoon!

Rekindle The Flames Of Passion On Your Second Honeymoon!

Every married couple has fond memories of their honeymoon, just the two of you together at last, no kids and complications yet, enjoying the exciting sights and sounds of the romantic destination you have chosen as the site to celebrate your love! It’s a wonderful memory you both will never forget, but a decade or two later it’s become a bit fuzzy, and while your love is still strong, it’s not the fierce flame that burned so bright in your early days together, but more like the kitchen stove’s back burner, soft and blue, and ready for the soup pot. If this sounds like the state of your marriage now, you aren’t alone, and yes, there is something you can do to rekindle that flame- go on a second honeymoon! There are probably plenty of reasons for not doing it, too expensive, no time, but bear with us and we will give you some inspiration that will have you packing your bags!

Sex – Let’s start with the elephant in the room, your sexual relationship. It’s fairly common for long-time couples to experience a dampening of their passions, as sex every night becomes sex once a week, and then once a month, and then maybe on birthdays. It’s especially hard in a house full of children, little pitchers have big ears! So, you wait until they’re visiting Grandma, or on a sleepover with friends, and eventually, you just get out of the habit! The simple cure is to get out of the house yourselves, and go somewhere romantic, just the two of you, on a second honeymoon! We recommend you bring along a few things to help spice things up like vibrators or other fun sex toys that will add sensual fuel to that erotic flame, and get your passion burning just as hot as it was on that first honeymoon!

Holiday Destination – A big part of the honeymoon magic comes from being together in an exotic locale, someplace new and different that will create excitement! Since many newlyweds don’t have big budgets, the first honeymoon is quite often spent somewhere that’s not as far off or as glamorous as you might wish, but it doesn’t matter because your fantastically fresh feelings are what really counts! Now you are older, and likely to have access to better resources, so this is your chance to splurge and make this a really special occasion! Instead of just driving into the nearby mountains or out to the coast, get on a plane and fly someplace far away! Head for a tropical island paradise like the Maldives, and stay in that fancy resort with all the frills, your love rekindled is worth the price! Imagine, just you two, a sandy beach, and moonlight over the sea- it’s time to go skinny dipping!

After reading this blog, we hope you are inspired to take that second honeymoon and fall in love all over again!

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