Singapore Michelin Stars Shine On and On

Singapore Michelin Stars Shine On and On

A globally recognizable name such as Michelin Guide carries expectations from its customers. The Michelin Guide has a 124-year ongoing reputation of executing professionalism and providing faith that expectations will be exceeded wherever they designate. Take no “Star” rated business lightly. Meeting the exacting standards for consideration requires everyone involved to be mentally focused, highly skilled, and attentive to detail.

This definition scale for Michelin Star restaurants is a simple one that stuck with me;

A one-star rated location would be a place to make a slight detour for en route to your original destination.

A two-star is worth a significant detour in distance and time from your original destination.

A three-star restaurant is the destination. It is an intersection where extraordinary food, wine, environment, service, quality, sophistication, and more blend to create a euphoric culinary experience.

You can find 53 options for Michelin Star in Singapore, and they all took hard work to achieve. There are 44 One-Star, 6 Two-Stars, and 3 Three-Star restaurants to enjoy on your trip. I do hope you arrive hungry.

In this series, I am covering each group separately. This article will focus on those six beauties in the Two-Star category. These are all consistent performers, and between them have enough start to make me dizzy.

Thevar has an innovative menu based on Indian traditions sculpted with European styles.

Jann by Kirk Westaway delivers ever-evolving British Contemporary cuisine and fine dining experience with breathtaking views.

Shoukouwa is a Sushi icon. Lavish dishes with fresh ingredients from Japan highlight the umami in the fish.

Cloudstreet is an innovative, impressive, and intimate experience. Sumptuous seasonality awaits you.

Saint Pierre boasts unincumbered views of Marina Bay while you dine on French Contemporary delights with Asian influences.

Waku Ghin is described as sublime Japanese Contemporary cuisine with some Western methods and prominent Italian tones at times.

Are you seeing stars? I sure am. The above list could be a six-night dining experience for all time. Call ahead. Make your reservations as soon as you can. Michelin Stars in Singapore fill in advance. There is an enormous food lover culture here.

While in Singapore you will see Hawker Centers or Food Courts, Carts, Excellent Seafood, Fusion Restaurants of any combination, and Local Traditional Shops you cannot miss. Look in Districts like Tiong Bahru for trendy places, Kampong Glam for Malay and Middle Eastern Delights, Katong for Peranakan cuisine, and Lau Pa Sat for a lively food market.  Those restaurants offer a variety of breakfast, brunch, and snacks while seeing sights and landmarks.

We are to experience this life. Singapore is a place to eat. Don’t miss the collision of culinary culture here.  Feast your way around the city and finish each day in a sky filled with the Michelin Stars of Singapore.

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