Digital Tech & the Logistics Sector – The Perfect Partnership

Digital Tech & the Logistics Sector – The Perfect Partnership

E-commerce is generally regarded as the main reason for the explosion of the 3PL (third-party logistics) industry, which is highly competitive and makes best use of digital tech. If you compare today’s logistics with that of, say 30 years ago, there are no similarities. Everything is in real-time and that is a game-changer for an industry where time is of the essence.

GPS Tracking

The GPS triangulates distances between satellites to give precise locations; if you are waiting for a package, simply go to the logistics company website, paste your order number into a search window and hey presto, you will find out its current location. Transport managers use this technology to manage cargo and consignment, while they are also in direct communication with all drivers. Every delivery vehicle is tracked, which tells the manager the route, speeds and even where the vehicle stops and for how long. Installing a vehicle GPS tracker system on your fleet empowers you in so many ways and the supplier offers full support.

Driving analytics

AI software can analyse driving data to improve delivery times, suggesting faster routes to drivers in real time. They even know where the traffic bottlenecks are and advise accordingly, reducing energy use and vehicle wear. A courier company can really transform their business by using AI; if you would like to learn more about GPS tracking and inventory management, start with a Google search to find a leading Australian supplier of a top-rated GPS tracking solution.

Fast & reliable scanning

Employees can use their smartphone camera to scan goods in and out and by storing your data on the cloud, real time updates keep everyone on the same page. Managers can make data-driven decisions on the fly and set notifications where appropriate and with a cloud network that has bank-grade cyber-security, your business processes are streamlined. The supplier can easily set up a free trial that lets you experience real-time inventory management. Click here for how to heal your body through food.

Real time driver communication

The ability to talk to drivers in the field makes fleet management much easier; VoIP communication is effective and affordable. If, for example, a client needs a package collected asap, you can ask the nearest driver to pick it up on their way to their next drop. This ensures the customer remains happy and your costs are slashed, as you don’t have to send a vehicle. This system also keeps check on driver behaviour, as every route is tracked and the data analysed. AI can plot the most economical routes, while giving you real-time readouts that help you to better manage your business.

Reduce your running costs

Using the collected data, Artificial Intelligence can analyse driver behaviour and routes, which brings down your running costs. Every business is looking for ways to cut expenditure and for a transport company, using a GPS tracking system that runs on a 4G network is a way to keep running costs to an acceptable level.

If you are ready to explore the potential of GPS tracking, talk to a leading Australian provider and take the first step to boosting your efficiency.

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