Arthritis is a progressive disease that causes the breakdown of joint(s) over time until there is just bone on bone. This results in inflammation and pain in the affected joint and the areas surrounding it. Among dogs, arthritis is a very common disease, studies have shown that while not all dogs may show signs of arthritis, over 60% will have changes on their X-rays at some point in their lives.

Sometimes, we have to take responsibility for our actions – especially if we are in charge of an animal. If you are the owner of a beloved pup, you need to make sure you are providing them with the best environment possible for their living space. By keeping your house clean and living a healthy lifestyle, you can ensure that your pup will stay healthy as well.

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Traveling with kids can be difficult, but, sometimes taking your furry friend away with you can be even harder. Dogs, much like children like the safety of a routine and find holidays distressing. This can lead to poor behaviour, changes in eating patterns or even illnesses. But, this shouldn’t stop you from going away with your pet and having a brilliant break. Finding ways to holiday with an animal can mean your family gets a lovely, fun vacation without having to leave a vital member behind.

The Journey

The best way to travel with an animal is by car. They’re safe, comfortable and in a familiar environment. But, you still need to be prepared. Take your dog on some long car journey’s beforehand, so it’s not new to them. Try to make their space in the car as comfortable as possible by taking their favourite blankets and toys, perhaps even their bed if it fits to make them feel safe. Then, make sure you take them for a long walk before you start your journey. This way they’ll have had plenty of time to do their business, and you might even tire them out that much that they sleep for most of it.


Where do you plan to stay while you are away? Some campsites and even hotels are pet-friendly, but you’ll need to check. You might want to check out the Best caravan for travelling with kids and pets. A caravan reduces a lot of stress and can be an excellent home away from home. It’s definitely a worthwhile investment if you plan to travel a lot. You wouldn’t want to see the country without your best friend after all.

Go for a Check Up

Head to the vets a few weeks before you are due to travel to make sure your dog is in good shape. Make sure his vaccinations and wormings are up to date and ask for some motion sickness medication while you are there, as some dogs struggle with car travel.

Be Prepared

Dogs all have very different temperaments, and you probably know yours very well. So, think about how changes have affected them in the past and how you could do things differently to avoid the same reactions. You may even find your dog tries to run away when you reach your destination, so keep a firm hold.

Stick to Their Diet

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Dogs can find adapting to a new diet difficult, just like some people. So, take enough of their favourite foods with you to avoid any upset stomachs and make sure they are eating enough.

Research Location

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Take a good look at your destination and do some research online. Is it known for ticks, fleas or anything else that could harm your pet? Try to pick somewhere safe.

Check Out the Facilities

Make sure there are plenty of dog-friendly facilities nearby. Things to look out for include parks, beaches where they are allowed off their leash and restaurants and cafes that allow animals inside.

Taking your pet on holiday can be fantastically good fun. Just make sure you are prepared and make the change as easy as possible for them.

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