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That time we drove to Broken Hill

So, I happened to be on a few weeks leave and a friend asked if we would come up to Broken Hill to collect him and his bike. Sure, why not! ROAD TRIP! Took us awhile to get going in the morning, whatever, no rush. The usual “boring” drive that is the new hunter Expressway.…

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31 Photos in 31 Days (Day 5) In the Car

for those concerned, the car was parked at the time of this pic Since moving to the same suburb that I work in, I think I must spend more time driving for work purposes than for personal reasons (not including driving to Newcastle!). Last year, I really noticed it because I would often drive Colt…

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Ducks need Whereis.com

I have the song “Ducks don’t need Satellites” (the Kate Miller-Heidke version) running through my head, thinking of the suicidal dusck family I saw crossing Adeleaide Avenue late yesterday afternoon. Just infront of The Lodge, two parent ducks, about to lead their gathering of ducklings out onto one of the main roads of Canberra. Like…

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