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Did you know that the best way to maximize academic performance is to study and get a good night’s sleep? Unfortunately, most college students rarely get quality sleep throughout their educational journey. This can be because of behavioral or psychological reasons. During the exam period, students often pull all-nighters in an attempt to cram the course material.

Changes in sleeping patterns are also caused by increased working hours, watching television, or scrolling their phones before bed. Doing other activities when you should be resting will leave you sleep-deprived, increasing the risk of academic failure. So how can a college student make it a daily habit to get quality sleep? Read on to find out.

Ranking first in an essay writing competition can be very challenging as there will many other brilliant writers. As you progress through your academic life, you’ll be given many essays to write as required for college admissions and scholarships.

An essay writing competition is usually around 500 words. Don’t repeat the same things over and over again to achieve the word limit. You might not even get any points for repetition if it’s obvious.

Usually, when you’ve given the assignment to do at home, you can do all the research carefully with all the time you get till the due date. You can even draft it properly before getting to writing but in an essay writing competition, you will have a limited amount of time in which you can’t do your research but you can surely draft the essay if you’re quick with it and get all the ideas and arguments prepared.

You can even get help online and hire an online paper writing helper to help you with the essay or with the research. But, don’t ask them to write it for you as it is cheating and you might get disqualified for it.

You might be given some time to prepare your notes so use them very wisely. You can gather the notes after reading the instructions and research accordingly. Once you’re done with gathering the main stuff you need to write the essay. You can start while the tips are given below.

These are some tips you should follow or use while writing an essay for a competition;

Read the question paper

In the question paper, you’ll be given all the instructions by your professor which have to be followed no matter what. If your topic doesn’t go with it, you might even have to switch.

Starting the essay is probably the hardest part but once you read the instructions and requirements carefully, you will exactly know what to write and won’t have any confusion while writing the essay.

And if you don’t follow the guidelines mentioned in the question paper, you will most likely get disqualified which might cause colleges not to accept you as they will think that you won’t be able to follow the directions of their program.

Start with an interesting introduction

Without an introduction, the reader won’t know what you’re writing about or what you’re topic is. So, try to give a compelling introduction so that the reader knows what you’re writing about and make it a little interesting so they gain interest in reading the whole thing.

The only way you can catch the reader’s attraction is with a great introduction. They will be intrigued to know what you have written if your introduction is eye-catchy.

Prepare good and legit examples

You’ll need some examples to support the ideas you’re going to use in each paragraph. So, the time you get before the essay, you can use it to gather the best possible information you can get. You can go to your local library to do some research if you want as there is almost everything available there.

Then you may begin

Once you’re done you may begin writing the essay. It should be about 4-5 paragraphs and each paragraph should contain at least one idea and a supporting argument.

After you’re done with the body, you can end your essay with a conclusion in which you will be briefly reviewing the ideas with an opinion of yours.

A lot of professors consider essay writing to be the key to success. A student devotes time to planning and its realization. One searches for facts and develops clever arguments or provides unique ideas. Essay writing helps people concentrate on something, analyze data, express ideas, and draw sound conclusions. An essay about education is a perfect tool to highlight the value of knowledge and professional skills. In other words, it is the key to success. You should follow the recommendations to write my essay for me by Essayservice .

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