Apple, on September 10, 2019, revealed the iPhone 11, and considering that Apple’s leading configuration currently comprises the iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 smaller than usual, and 12 Pro Max, the iPhone 11 will be sold as a cheaper option estimated at $ 599.

The iPhone 11 succeeds the iPhone XR and includes a 6.1-inch LCD screen that Apple calls “Fluid Retina HD Display.” Includes a 1792 x 828 lens at 326ppi, a different ratio of 1400: 1, maximum brightness of 625 nits, True Tone support to change the balance from white to surrounding lighting, and extensive shading support for tones consistent with life.

(Thanks to Nathaneal B for head heads up – I have vague memories at missing this last year!)

So, Why is my site ugly and Naked today? Why have a css naked day?

The idea of the day is to promote web standards, to remember that not everyone can access the internet just by looking at the pretty pictures on the page and rely on being able to use special browsers or simply being able to enlarge the text, to be able to read your oh so wonderful content.

Yes, there’s even “stuff about the internet” that could be related to the disability discrimination act. There’s also a review going on at the moment (yes, the department of broadband has other things going on than the NBN) into the supply of mobile and other equipment to those with a disability (link) and not just those with a hearing impairment, which often seems to be the focus of “other” ways of accessing telephones. Think speech impairments, or cognitive impairments.

Oh and a cool new AAC “toy” that was doing the rounds yesterday:


The Proloquo2go. It uses a real iphone, but is also a voice output device. Completely suitable for teens and other young people who need an alternate means of communication. So cool and relatively cheap!

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