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Using the senses to Explore your Sexual Relationship

We have 5 senses, but how often do we take time to slow down and really explore them during our intimate relationship? With busy lives and lots of demands on our time, our sex lives often get reduced to quickies that focus on the main event of penetrative sex. While there‚Äôs definitely a place for…

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Back to it

Where do I start? I’m still looking for a job. Part time, preferably. For my sanity. I re-enrolled in uni. Master of Applied Linguistics. Which means relearning Syntax. And how to write essays. I still live with my parents, and my sister and her kids. Which I’m grateful for after we nearly lost her last…

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Why #wearitpurple?

Because Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Trans, Queer, and Intersex Teens are still looking to us adults and asking us why we have laws that discriminate against the person they see themselves being happy as when they hit adulthood. Because if I wasn’t with Rish, I may have been with a woman, and my relationship would be…

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