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Your Child & Their Future: The Best Place For Your Savings?

Collaborative Post Given the amount of weird stuff happening with the world’s economy over the past decade or so, does anyone else worry about their children’s future? We live in uncertain times, and no matter how well loved your little ones are, talk of our children’s generation being less well off than the one before…

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I cashed a cheque today. I know, I didn’t realise that was still a thing!

I didn’t go to the beach today. Instead, I spent the day between the dining table and the balcony. Nerding away, blowing my nose repeatedly, and continuing to curse that my brain bounces against my skull as I cough and it hurts. And I also watched some more Puberty Blues. Yeah, a bit of a…

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(And Breathe) Pay more attention next time.

From a morning walk at Warners Bay Foreshore this week. That sinking feeling when your card is rejected at the supermarket. Because you have the money, but not on you. Not in that account. You call your partner to transfer it across. No answer. Take a few items off to get closer because you think…

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Finishing Touches

Finally got around to doing my tax yesterday – after hitting the shops and buying three pairs of summer sandals and thinking I needed to pay for them somehow! I also got a cute little parcel from Jen @ Red Instead… Looking forward to the Christmas Handmade Markets on Nov 21 (yes, Jen’s stall will…

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The World is Calling

I love it when little old Australia makes it onto the BBC world news broadcast heh. Aww look what’s happening out in the colonies… aren’t we a republic yet? Hold your horses girl, we just got the sorry done, and you’re pushing for a republic? small steps, we’ll get there one day… Was relieved to…

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