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Moved House: Now What?

Collaborative Post Moving house is a big moment in your life where things start to change. Whether it’s the step when you move out of your parents and begin an independent adventure, or you’re ready to start a family with your other half. Whatever the reason – it’s a big deal. The moving process can…

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Never Make These Mistakes After You Move House

Collaborative Post That feeling of exhaustion and burnout when you go through a big house move can often be overwhelming for many people. You can’t crash and burn once the purchase has been finally pushed through though. Instead you need to stay alert and make sure you don’t make the mistakes that so often get…

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My @RUOKDay post

NINJAS I’ve put myself through a lot this past 2 months. Moved house. Moved cities. Away from my partner of a billion years. In with a housemate. even though I don’t like people that much. A new job. Different social circles. Lost 2 people in my circles to suicide. No wonder I’m a little stressed…

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(Guest Post) The Pains of Technology – Should you rent?

As I sit here, ready to package my netbook up YET AGAIN for repairs (just scraped into the extended warranty period, though it’s a recurring problem…) I’m SO glad I have my HTC Legend now, (shame about the Vodafail reception) and that my work lets me access sites including email in my lunch and breaks,…

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