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Well, we did it. The Newcastle Bloggers managed a (small) Xmas get-together last weekend at the Lass O’Gowrie in Wickham. mega thanks to Marissa from Beautifully Organised for organising the event and decorating the table!

the lass burger

hunter valley bloggers xmas

Who went?
Marissa from Beautifully Organised
Reena of The Mummy Project
Andrea from The Pineapple Cake and Jess (Peachy Keen Mumma) who both miss their North American Christmases, are embracing new Aussie traditions, and made us jealous talking about their Canadian and US Thanksgiving feasts!
Kel from Who Knew I Was A Housewife? (newbie blogger! check her out!!!)
Annette who explores all things French at A French Connection
and me!

disappointing fish and chips


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I discovered Talk Fresh via my local cafe, Custom Espresso, getting their fruit and vegetable deliveries from this Sangate based small business.

They put together their fruit and vege boxes (From $35) based on what is in season, so everything in the box is top quality! You can also add extras or choose your own fruit and vegetables from their huge product list. Delivery is free!


So we ate a lot of fresh fruit and veges the past fortnight.


I made a yummy, colourful stirfry noodles.

Rainy night roast

A rainy night roast

Vege fritters! #meatfreemonday

And vege fritters, based on this recipe


(Eggs from the Assistant Principal’s chooks!)

Order Online and sort out your fruit and veges for next week!

Newy Burger Co has moved west along Hunter Street, and is now inside The Cambridge Hotel, but they are still selling their awesome burgers, chips and desserts, delighting the locals.

Newy Burger Co

“Date Night” (aka my sennalink day) saw us glottoning down on these, waiting for the storm to come in. Above you’ll see Bruce’s Bar Beef Burger ($10). Bruce describes this as a “supreme BBQ cheeseburger experience” with its amazing patty and spicy jalapeno white sauce.

Newy Burger Co

The innards of the Bar Beef Burger. Noms.

Newy Burger Co

I went the “Stocko” ($10) – chicken, coleslaw, cheese, rocket and aoli. Quality ingredients to make this the only burge on the menu you can’t get gluten free.

Newy Burger Co

Stocko money shot – *drool*

Newy Burger Co

We talked ourselves into the “Dirty Fries” ($8) that were on the special menu last week – chips with two cheeses, bacon, cajun spices. So very naughty!

Newy Burger Co

We washed all that down with an Apple cider and an Asahi from the bar ($14 total)…. before psyching myself up to gorge down the Jersey Milk Soft-serve of the week – a well balanced salted caramel ice cream with Belgian Waffle bits and chocolate sauce ($6)

Newy Burger Co

See that topping? Looks like a puppydog in a food coma, I’m told. Which is how I felt at the end!

Newy Burger Co
Inside The Cambridge Hotel
789 Hunter Street Newcastle West
Wednesday & Thursday 4pm-9pm,
Friday & Saturday 12pm-9pm,
Sunday 12pm-8pm.

[flexiblemap address=”789 Hunter Street Newcastle West” region=”au” directions=”true”]

So, the Flickr app that is supposed to auto upload for me isn’t doign that and isn’t even uploading on demand, and so I’m left trying to be bothered to plug my phone into the computer to get the photos off it from the past two weeks. Things like this that came from Instagram:

$110/bottle? No worries

oh yeah, because when i go wine tasting, I go hard. And then go home with a couple hundred dollars worth of leftovers. You know what? The 2014 Hunter Shiraz(es) are all amazing and you simply MUST try one. Or 5.

I’ve also been being a good girl and applying for jobs. Real jobs, like ones I might want. Like at Dan Murphy’s or as a speechie or disability support officer. You know, things I’ll actually put time into applying for.


I also finished liptember with a bang, and raise $382 :) Not too late to donate! http://liptember.com.au/fiona-moore :p

Hmm what else?


I helped out at an event for Amnesty Newcastle. An art exhibit. Then we went for drinks and dinner at MoneyPenny at Honeysuckle, and these prawn rolls were delish and certainly hit the spot that hadn’t been filled by homous and rice crackers all night.


I had a disappointing experience with a food dehydrator :(



I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT EAT DRINK BLOG in two weeks time in Canberra.

Will I see you there??

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