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Affordable Prescription Glasses from

How much did your last pair of glasses set you back, including lenses? I think the last pair I bought from a retail store set me back over $500 and they weren’t even a “brand”. That of course was before I realised you could, and trusted buying, glasses online. Being a brave, older-apparently-still-millennial, I’m used…

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Where do you go for online coupons?

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Coupon Code. Where do you go to get the best deals online? Are you, like me, just plugging things into Google in the hope to find a code to get 5% off that online order? Only to find they’re all for free US shipping or not valid anymore? Given…

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On Product Reviews and Online Shopping

Hey look, no oil! I’ve been getting oodles of hits for certain posts on this site. Most recently, it’s been for the post about Go the fuck to sleep, and for my once over of the aircooker. So, it seems like lots of people are googling something of interest and clicking through to see what…

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Online Shopping Bargains before Christmas at Brands Exclusive

I love Brands Exclusive, a member-only shopping site where you get as much as 70% off all sorts of things, from clothes and shoes, to toys and homewares… I’ve started my Xmas shopping there as toys for my nephew have grabbed my eye or things for the home for others have appeared. You do need…

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