Are you looking for a writing utensil that provides long-term markings? According to Thought Co, historians often credit American Sidney Rosenthal for inventing the permanent marker in 1952 with his “Magic Marker” that included an ink-filled glass bottle and wool felt wick. Today you can pick from a wide range of markers for surfaces like cardboard, plastic, and stone. It’s essential to know the different features to look for, including the following:

A couple of “bargain” buys this week

New in the  range "big bold red". Lovely!

The Yellow Tail “Big” Red. A very full red for its under $10 price tag. Very consumable with your meal.


And a Temperanillo


That comes out a Bull’s butt… (but is TASTY the $12 I paid, for the usual $17 at First Choice!)

Red Tights


The winner of the Pecan pack is:

Caz from the truth about mummy, who tells us that “Apple crumble muffins are rather fabulous”! You’ll have to share the recipe ;)

I’ll email you shortly for your address :)

Don’t forget to enter here to with the TRON Legacy DVD :)

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