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Slick Tricks: Disguising Learning Within Something Fun

Collaborative Post When kids aren’t in the classroom, it can be very hard to get the engaged with something which feels like school. Trying to have the little ones learn from home is never an easy task, with a lot of parents struggling to get this to work at all, and kids around the world…

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Ahh, the HSC (yep, you do move on)

Fourteen years ago I was one of those kids, frantically hoping to remember my Shakespeare and Frost quotes, even though I really didn’t care about whatever stupid theme or comparison question I was about to get. I was crying my way through my 4 unit maths questions, fiddling with organic chemistry (remember when organic meant…

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And it begins

Canberra’s children are heading back to school today. Should see the evidence of that all over – yesterday it was the masses of children and parents in the stationery aisle at Woolworths, and the lines at Just Cuts for that back to school trim. (even spied a couple of kids I hoped were going into…

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