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There are certain staples that every woman should have in her closet at all times because they build the foundations of a fantastic wardrobe. When you have them, no matter what the occasion, or what kind of look you’re going for, you’ll be able to make it happen without having to rush out and buy a completely new outfit (unless you really want to, that is). So, if you don’t already have the following items in your closet in good condition, now might be the perfect time to change that…

A Black Blazer

Never out of style, a simple black blazer can be used in so many ways, Pair it with jeans and heels for a smart casual look that’s also pretty sexy, wear it with a fitted skirt and blouse for a simple professional look or wear it with torn jeans and a band t-shirt for a laid-back rocker look – the options are quite literally endless. So, make sure you have at least one black blazer hanging in your wardrobe at all times.


Speaking of jeans, you should always have at least one good pair – a pair that fits you perfectly and makes your butt look amazing in your closet. Why? Because jeans are pretty much the one staple that most people wear all of the time and which you can quite literally pair with almost any kind of top and shoes to create a look that works.

A Crisp White Shirt

woman in business shirt

The white button-down shirt is another classic. It works great in professional settings when you want to look professional and clean cut, but pair it with a humble pair of jeans and Converse hi-tops and you’ll look effortlessly casual. Ideally, your white button down should be made from natural fibres, and you should buy the most expensive one you can afford because this is one item of clothing where it really is easy to spot quality.

Black Heels

A good quality pair of black heels, the likes of which you will find at Billini Shoes are, of course, essential for any woman’s wardrobe. Why? Because black will go with pretty much any other colour and because a good pair of heels will make your legs appear more shapely and again because heels can be dressed up or down – wear with jeans and t-shirt for a casual look or a perfect fitting LBD for a smart, sexy and sophisticated look.

A Little Black Dress

model on shoot in black dress

Speaking of the LBD, you know that your wardrobe needs one. Try to go for a classic shape, like a shift or skater, because it’s unlikely to go out of fashion, and consider having it tailored so that it fits you completely. Then, whenever a formal occasion calls, you’ll have a go to. You can make it look different by adding brooches or a statement piece of jewellery, adding a cardigan or switching up your shoes, for example, as long as you have the foundation of the LBD, there are millions of ways you can wear it.

How many of these pieces do you already have in your closet?


In the space of 48 hours

I have new Hello Kitty Shoes….

Hello Kitty Vans

And a Toyota Camry Hello Kitty V6.

Hello Kitty Toyota camry


Hello Kitty Toyota camry

Hello Kitty Toyota camry

Like a V-six…

Following a sucky Centrelink apt (yeah yeah, I’ll apply for things other than speech jobs, but if there are speech jobs there, I’ll still be applying for them as first call) I got some retail therapy in – Target, Big W, Best & Less, and Lifeline – to get a few more summer things….

Target Shoes

HUGE fan of Target’s ballet flats – I’ve worn through a lot of cheap, colourful shoes from this range over the last few years (this is a good thing)! Today I got the beige ones for $15, and the red and orange ones for $7 a pair!


A couple of cute Avella floral dresses – knee length and sleeveless ready for summer – from Big W for $25 each. I wanted to buy another one – a long atrappy maxi dress in blue – but someone had ripped a few seams presumably while trying it on, and there was only one in that size :(

Hi Lo dress from Best and Lesshilodress1

Another couple of spaghetti strap summer Hi-Lo” dresses from Best & Less – I do like how the women’s range goes through from size 8 to something in the 20s while still having cute designs and the same prices – $20 in this case!!! (and are comfy!)


Then $4 well spent on a pair of shoes that was originally $130 according to its inside sticker!

Finally getting the sickly sweet grape  spray!!

And I FINALLY got me some sickly GRAPE Hello Kitty Body Spray ($3 this week instead of $5 at Chemist Warehouse!)

Get any bargains lately? Or some retail therapy?

(much needed!!!)


Went to see Tijuana Cartel at the Oxford Art Factory again on Friday night. Got me some dancing in, and even wore appropriate shoes for the job, even if they did get soaked through walking from the Pitt Street mall to Oxford street. A little time under the hand dryers helped a little, but while I dried off, I did get told twice at the Colombian to put my shoes back on :p

cleavage ninja
Cleavage Ninja from Shana Logic

Hello Kitty Vans
Hello Kitty Vans

jan2013 621
Hello Kitty Bag

Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty Swarovski Earrings

hair stars
Twist in Hair Stars

and of course the sparkly nail stickers

jan2013 239

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