delish dip
Friday evening!

Tried the Wattle Valley Delish Dips one Friday night with some cider, because they were on special at Coles, and because FETA!

The flavours they come in are

  • Baby Beets & Feta
  • Baby Spinach & Feta
  • Spicy Capsicum & Feta
  • Peppersweet & Feta
  • Roasted Pumpkin & Basil
  • Olive Medley & Feta

wattle valley deslish dips

I tried the Olive Medley and the (not listed????) Basil and Feta. DIVINE.

With $2 Jatz of course.

Moar please!!!

One of the mixes from Harvest Box. You can still get a free box and half prices second box with the code 359FDQ4LN

Much of the day on front of the cricket, wrapped the day up with a gym session. Not too shabby, but short bursts as I got dizzy quickly :\

Some mutterings:

  1. Scrabble :: champion
  2. Watching :: you
  3. Habitually :: late
  4. Gritty :: nitty
  5. Slovenly :: beast
  6. Canvas :: bag
  7. Leggings :: tights
  8. Thursday :: afternoon
  9. Attention :: please
  10. Hypnotic :: gaze

Harvest ox snacks

By now, some of you would have seen the cool new snacks-to-your-door service Harvest Box!

Harvest ox snacks

There’s he ability to say hell YES or HELL NO to selections you love or loathe (or in my case, regretfully must refuse, such as the mixes with choc and yoghurt bits), but there’s still an element of surprise! Mine came mid-week to get me through to the weekend without raiding the chips!

Get your first box FREE and second box for half price by using the discount code 359FDQ4LN when you order. (Regular price $6.95, delivered)

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