Considering the prices of food today, there has never been a better time to break into the produce market as people are more than happy to believe that veg is the best buy for them.

One of the great things about starting a produce business is that it can be a small scale business with low overheads, so it can be a really wise financial investment. If you are looking to start a small produce business, there are a few rules that you should follow.

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We need to pay the bills, so we need to work, right? However, if you are one of the many people who are sick of the 9 to 5 treadmill, or has children to look after, you may prefer to work from home. There are loads of jobs where this is possible, cutting down on the daily commute that a lot of us find intolerable. However, working from home isn’t as easy as you would imagine. You need to create a routine that helps you to stay productive, and not distracted by the tv downstairs, or the lure of an extra hour in bed. Here are a few tips to help you.

Get into work mode

This may sound silly, but get dressed in work attire, rather than rolling into your home office in your pajamas. You need to get in the mindset to work, so the appropriate dress will help you stay focused. Be sure to get a shower before you start for the day, too, and remember to clean your teeth. You need to do everything you normally would, making sure you feel refreshed, and ready for the day ahead.

Set work hours

You may have more flexibility in the hours you work during the day, but you still need to set boundaries. You will want to spend time with family and friends, as well as having the time to relax alone. So, set hours in the day that are devoted to working, and hours where you are free to carry out the rest of your daily life. Ensure your family know your boundaries, too.

Have a dedicated working area

Unfortunately, working from your bed isn’t going to help your productivity, so set up a dedicated work area in your home. Choose a place you can feel comfortable in, and away from any distractions. You will probably need a desk and a chair to sit on, so consider this Scandinavian office furniture. A mini fridge stocked with bottles of water is a good idea, keeping you hydrated throughout the day, and a plant can act as a great stress reliever when you’re working. Have everything you need to hand, reducing the need to leave the room where possible distractions await.

Remove distractions

You won’t get a lot of work done if you are constantly checking Facebook, or answering your phone every five minutes because your friend is in the mood for a gossip. Turn your phone off, politely ask your friends not to bother you at certain times of the day, and only use the internet for work purposes. You may be working from home, but you still need to have a professional attitude to ensure you get your work done to schedule.

Take regular breaks

We all need a break, so don’t stay confined in your working space all day, even during your ‘office hours.’ You will need time to give your eyes a rest from your computer, and you do need to stay hydrated and have the occasional nutritious snack to keep you going. Set a time for lunch, and make an excuse to go outside and get some fresh air. You will feel better for it, and your mind will have cleared, enabling you to get back to work anew.

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I get to drive around the city and country with people.

I get to share in people’s interests.

I get to take my model train set in to one house so it’s actually used and it will make one of the guys really happy.

I get to “create” dinners from what I can find in the fridge when the shopping hasn’t been done. Last night I made a FREAKIN’ AWESOME fritata that everyone loved.

I get to use my speechie skills around communicating with people who are a little difficult to understand, along with using my knowledge around mealtime support.

(That didn’t get me out of the Nutrition and Swallowing training though!)

There are trickier things, like showering people, making sure I get meds right, working with behaviours of concern, doing shiftwork, and trying to do sleepovers and maybe sleep.

But it’s totally rewarding. I love where I am right now.

Blow up the pokies...

Healthy Harold Wash your hands

I started work on Monday :) Yay! One of my sites in in the Life Education hub site for Newcastle, and Happy Healthy Harold is everywhere! He’s in the bathrooms, in the kitchen, and greets me as I walk into the centre!

Healthy Harold

There’s also very 90s health tips and inspirational quotes from people who competed in the Olympics in the 80s. I’m motivated!

What are drugs? Health Harold Life Education

I’ve also managed to pick up this blast from the (much more recent) past (only 2002! about the era I was learning about swallowing difficulties at uni) and shared it with the author :)

aspiration and swallowing difficulties

I’m getting picked up for casual shifts, and have my first Sunday shift (woo! penalty rates!) this weekend :) It’s possible I won’t get paid before Xmas, but still, I’ma working and earning my own money!

How was your week?

floriade canberra

I went down to Canberra the other week for a reunion with my former workmates. With the NDIS coming in, some of the public services are winding up down there while NGOs are private practices pick up the client and contracts. It was a great chance to catch up, reminisce and to just BE in Canberra!

bus cat gothic ears

Of course, I caught a Murray’s bus from Central – There’s USB charging in all the seats! A quiet ride there and back with no-one next to me. Lovely.

floriade gnome

therapy act reunion


After a fun night, and quite a nice sleep at the YHA, it was off for brekkie with the internet old guard of Karen, Stu, Helen and Sean.


Good Company, but a disappointing breakfast at Shorty’s (where Milk and Honey used to be in Garema Place)

corn fritters

pulled pork burgers

After that, off to the bus home, then train.

train hello kitty shoes


floriade farris wheel

I am SO looking forward to being back there in a week for Eat Drink Blog!!!

Will I see you there?

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