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Flowers “Just Because”? Try Flowers for Everyone!

This post is in collaboration with FlowersforEveryone When was the last time you got given flowers? It’s been awhile for me, and while I’m personally not always a fan of cut flowers (I prefer them in the wild any day!) I do like to see the colours and perfume of flowers lighten up someone’s day.…

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Cute and Cool – July Edition

What made me smile and instagram last month… The sky on Monday Colourful hairbands Avocado The existence of Gluten Free Weetbix. Obviously not Wheat :p I’m yet to try them but I’ve been told that they don’t sog up as quickly ass regular weetbix and/but are good! Wonderful Pistachios. Unsalted were the ones for me…

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For those playing along at home

I’ve just spent a couple of days in psych care at the hospital. Yeah, I was a bit of a risk. Putting things in place etc. AND I GOT FOOD PHOTOS FOR YOU: Breakfast: Yeah, I ate gluten this few days. I lived. And check out all the plastic cutlery and crockery. Yep, no sharps…

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