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Went to see Tijuana Cartel at the Oxford Art Factory again on Friday night. Got me some dancing in, and even wore appropriate shoes for the job, even if they did get soaked through walking from the Pitt Street mall to Oxford street. A little time under the hand dryers helped a little, but while I dried off, I did get told twice at the Colombian to put my shoes back on :p

cleavage ninja
Cleavage Ninja from Shana Logic

Hello Kitty Vans
Hello Kitty Vans

jan2013 621
Hello Kitty Bag

Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty Swarovski Earrings

hair stars
Twist in Hair Stars

and of course the sparkly nail stickers

jan2013 239


@runningonline Workout #1
(Crib notes for the session)

Did my first session of my Up & Running course this evening. And interesting combination which saw me relieve the skipping along the foreshore was over and I could just go back to running ;)

workout #1

Covered 8km using a combination of walking, running, jogging and skipping. Was fun, but will head out a little earlier next time, ended up walking home in the dark! I’ll also wear my newer shoes, not my worn out sad old shoes. They’re okay for walking, but NOT for the running. Felt the impact on my left foot while skipping along!

arm band

Oh and I have to say my new phone arm band (scored off ebay for $8 including postage) is awesome. Even has a sneaky little key pocket. Score!


(ps, my hair is getting really long!)


This post has been written in conjunction with ghd


So, I like purple. Always have. I remember I had a cardigan once my Aunty knitted me. It was purple, and warm, and I wore it everywhere. :) When I got to choose the colours for my room, I went for lilac. I was stoked when the bouquets for my sister’s wedding had purple ribbons. It goes on.

There’s a lot less purple in my wardrobe these days, but I still have a bunch in the accessories department (gotta have some sparkle in my mostly grey and black clothing! You’d think I lived in Melbourne or something.) Like the Butterfly clip above.

Purple tights

Many pairs of purple tights have been in my life.

Hello Kitty Pants!

And of course Hello Kitty AND Purple? I’m in!

But it was 25% off!

Or this favourite lingerie set of mine, Pleasure State :)

Purple Glittle Jesus

And there was that short lived affair with the Purple Glitter Jesus Moneybox. (JESUS SAVES!!!!) How is he going, Hannah?

So, if I was to get a ghd to replace my old hair straightener, it would HAVE to be purple. Like the Purple Peacock above. Then I’d KNOW it was mine ;)

What’s your go to colour??

31 photos in 31 days - new pink and purple doona cover


I received half a dozen of these little bottles as part of Product Talk by Nuffnang, I have not received payment for this post

DO NOT take how oily my hair looks in this photo as evidence of the use of this oil. I just haven’t washed my hair in close to a week. Because I’m slack like that at the moment.

So, I got half a dozen of these little bottles of Dove Nutri Oil Serum to play with and review. Threw one the way of my flatmate, who had only positive things to say, so positive she was lacking words when I asked for her opinion:

As far as I was concerned, I loved the smell, and it did reduce the frizz levels on my frizzy hair (think I used it two days post wash). And it was a great excuse to have Rish brush my hair :) *spoilt*

Do you use products like this on your hair? I have to admit to being super lazy, but you know, if it’s sitting there, it may well get used!


If you're reading this then you are awesome!!
Graffiti in Holder

And if you delurk and comment you are even awesomer.

Come out and say Hi. Who’s out there?

Repurpled/Blacked hair



March 19, 2011 · 3 comments

Things I have done today:
Some reading for uni
Bought noms for the Steamboat tonight. Including baby octopus and fish balls.

And now am about to:
Colour my hair. Purple.
The more reading.

Ahh student life.



August 15, 2009 · 0 comments

Went and got my hair cut yesterday (at Just Cuts. Pay for what you get :p) and dyed it this morning (Ultra Violet Red)


What you can’t see in that photo (aside from all of my awesome new Threadless tee) is the bit at the back that’s … well a bit too long for the rest. Rish is still unsure whether he just needs to get used to it, or if he needs to trip my mullet-like tail :p The girl cutting it tapered the end rather than cutting it straight along the bottom, so it’s a little “different” looking with the layers. Oh well, only hair!

(ps – Happy Desexing Month! Do your bit and get Ms Moggy desexed)


All I wanted to do was to get a cheap hair cut from Just Cuts, so went on down to Westfield at Woden this morning to do that… but nooooooo… we had to be evacuated (4th time for me in 2 weeks) due to a fire in a candle store (Dusk). At least there were fire men?

Evactuation today at westfield

I did move on after that… haven’t had a hair cut, but am sitting here with red purple dye on my head, hair, shoulders… and had it on my nose. And I managed to buy shoes… and lingerie… in my size :) I was aiming for w new white bra, but I came home with a blue and a green… Sometimes it just goes like that *grins*


Short hair

July 4, 2008 · 0 comments

Short hair
Originally uploaded by phonakins

So, I went through with it, with only a few winces. :)

Now I can focus on more important things, like remembering to take my passport!


So Disorganised

July 3, 2008 · 0 comments

Last day of work today before … Greece! *squeals and bounces and stuff* (or at least I would if I wasn’t out late yet again last night! These are bad habbits I’m getting into… Probably shouldn’t become a regular at Muddle Bar… even if I do love the people I meet there and the cocktails :p)


I have a few hours this morning at work to do things like sort my desk out, make sure all my files are up to date, all my letters sent ahead of next term. Boring, mundane jobs that are going to need coffee and an ipod to get me through them.

Haven’t started packing… will probably start tonight after Japanese – though still won’t get home from that until 8:30 ish and have to eat dinner, and get Rish to chop my hair off. Figured I’d go for it, make like easier for the month when I’m away. Hopefully I won’t cry or hate it :p But, it’s only hair, and it tends to grow back :)

*gets excitable*