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New Season New Look: Find Out What’s In for Spring 2018

Collaborative Post

Whether you would like to refresh your wardrobe for the new season or want to try a new hairstyle for the warm weather that suits your tan and your mood, you should look through the latest trends for inspiration. From color choices to hairstyles and shoes, there are several things you need to pay attention to when it comes to planning your looks for the spring. If you would like to find out more about the new trends that are likely to be in this year, check out the below list.

Lilac Power

From lilac to other pastel colors, you can now shop again for feminine items in your local department stores. Some of the colors will be tricky, depending on your hair color and skin tone. Those with dark hair can wear almost all pastel colors, while if you have a light complexion, you might want to add some contrast, such as dark purple, navy, or black. Lilac is likely to be the main color of spring 2018, so make sure that you invest in a pair of pants and a dress that you can combine with your existing wardrobe items.

The Return of the Trench Coat

We always start guessing around February what type of spring coat to get. If you already own a trench coat, you are in luck. Any light colored version with a tie and large, bold buttons will be considered “in” this year. If you don’t yet own one, you can look through your local fashion store for inspiration. Light gray or purple, olive green are likely to be the best choice, and they can be worn over your dark jeans or black smart trousers, too.

Pink on Red

If you are one of the people who chooses their outfit based on the best match of color combinations, you might have a lot to forget. Nothing is too brave in spring 2018, and if you happen to put on a red blouse with a pink skirt, you will not be considered a rebel, but fashionable. Green with blue, red and purple, brown and blue; you can get away with any combination, given it is brave and bold.


If you are planning on attending a party or a social event this year, ditch the simple little black or red dress and add some sequins. The more the better. Shiny silver sequins on a short gray dress and sparkly shoes are likely to impress fashionistas this year. If you would rather take a step back, get a sequin bag instead and stay fashionable with a sequin hair band.

Dark Denim

When it comes to smart casual, you might want to invest in a few very dark denim pants and shorts. You can get a skinny or superskinny version, provided that it is closer to black than blue in shade. Wide ankle dark denim trousers are also likely to be worn with boho style tops and fringed blouses.


bob haircut

Fringes are not only going to be dominating skirts and tops, but also hairstyles. You will have to think about a new hairstyle that involves bold and beautiful bangs. Straight bangs are the best for people with an oval face, but if you have a round one, you might want to get creative and talk to your hair stylist about the fringe that suits you the most.

Loose Fitting Trousers

We’ve had skinny for many years, and loose fitting, oversized baggy trousers with wide ankles are likely to return in the spring of 2018. You can make a statement choosing a bold shiny belt, and adding a bit of contrast. Wear a navy blue pant with a pastel pink top and a sequined belt, and add a sparkly shoe.

White in Accessories

Before you head out to buy your new handbags for 2018, make sure you look for white and pastel color ones first. Bags, belts, and even shoes in white will be your perfect companion throughout the spring and summer of 2018. Add a white hoop earring, and a headband, and you are ready to go out to the most exclusive cafe to meet and impress your friends.

Bucket Bags

buvket bag

A must-have item for handbag-lovers in 2018 is a bucket bag. You might need to learn how to squeeze in everything and find them after, but they are definitely the new thing this year. A leather bucket bag in the same color as your jacket and a contrasting draw string will help you make a statement everywhere you go.

Off Shoulder Dresses

There is, of course, something for feminine fashionistas, as well. Off shoulder dresses with pastel colors and floral patterns are likely to have a comeback. The looser fitting the dress is and the lighter the material is the better. Fringes are a must-have; either on the shoulders or the bottom of the skirt. You can combine your off shoulder dress with a white sandal with a wedge heel or a canvas shoe in the same pastel color. Shop now for summer and spring fashion and get inspired by the 70s. Add a few flowers in your hair, and you have the perfect look.

Bold Hair Colors

redhed bob

When it comes to hair colors, the more you have the better in 2018. Vivid shades, such as the burgundy hair color will have a comeback in the spring and throughout the year. To complement your light and pastel shades, you might want to opt for darker shades with plenty of life. Even Selena Gomez has experimented with reddish shades, and made them her signature look. If you have a lighter complexion, it might be time to get a tan before you try darker shades, or you will no be able to make the most out of your new look. When it comes to length and style, almost anything is allowed.

The Return of the Messy Hair

The good news for people who had enough of straightening their hair every morning is that you can not get away with any amount of waves in your hair. Not all hair has to be in the right place, and you can create a messy hairstyle using a half-updo or a simple bun. Hairs are less controlled and you can look natural and romantic at the same time. Uneven fringes are great, as well as layered or asymmetrical hairstyles.

Embrace Your Curves

One of the good news in 2018 is that you don’t need to squeeze yourself in skin-tight clothes and can use loose fitting clothes to emphasize your femininity. You can get a long maxi dress with no belt, or an A-cut dress for a night out. No matter which part of your body you are unhappy with, you can hide it from the view. The long skirts, loose fitting pants, and romantic dresses will help you embrace your curves and look more feminine in the new season. Don’t be afraid of expressing yourself using floral patterns, pastel colors, and bold geometric patterns.

If you like being prepared for the arrival of the new season, you might want to visit the latest fashion blogs for inspiration that will help you create your spring 2018 looks. Choose the items that help you express your personality. Leave the bold colors for contrast and your hair, and go for white accessories and pastel colors. Love lilac? Get a few tops in the color, a hat for the spring, and – of course – one for your vacations. Let your hair down, and set yourself free.

Little Ways to Look More Expensive

Collaborative Post

classy lady

We all want to look out best, and that can be quite challenging for those of us who are on a budget, but it really doesn’t have to be. It is perfectly possible to look very much put together, and even more expensive than the cost of our clothing and accessories might be, by doing a few simple things.

Sound good? Here are some little ways to look more expensive:

Invest in a Quality Handbag

Even if you have to save up for it, buying a quality handbag ( it doesn’t have to be a mega-expensive one) is a good investment because it will immediately elevate any outfit you pair it with by association.

What represents a quality handbag? One which is made from quality materials and has a highly-precise level of detail – there are plenty of handbags that fit the bill without breaking the bank. Just make sure that you choose a bag in a neutral shade so that you can use it with any outfit, and take good care of it, and you will always look a bit more expensive when you carry it.

Have Your Outfits Tailored

Most of us can’t afford to buy bespoke designer outfits, but we can probably stretch to paying a few bucks to have our clothing tailored by a company like House of Astor, so that it fits us perfectly. Doing this will immediately make you look more expensive because your clothes will fit better and this will also enhance your figure too.

Have Clothes Professionally Laundered

This is more important when you’re dealing with dry clean only clothing, but having your clothing regularly laundered is a good way to ensure that they’re as clean, crease free and well-cared for as possible, and this will make them appear more expensive and ensure that you look very well presented, even if you only paid a modest sum for them. So, find your nearest Master Dry Cleaners locations, and take your clothes there. Sure, it might cost a little more than home laundering, but you’ll soon see that it really is worth it.

Find Your Signature Scent

Womens Perfume

It isn’t always the clothing, the hairstyle or even the designer bag that makes you appear more expensive; sometimes it’s the fragrance you choose to wear. Finding your signature scent – one that enhances the way you naturally smell – and using it sparingly on your pulse points will give the impression that you’re a sophisticated, well-groomed woman and this impression will extend to your appearance as a whole.

Choose Accessories Wisely

As you will probably know, accessories can elevate any outfit, but they can also bring them down. It’s perfectly possible to make even cheap costume jewellery look more expensive, but only if you make the right choices. First of all, you should avoid any very fake looking plastic gemstones, choosing clear, crystal styles instead. Secondly, when it comes to metals, the darker, the better – cheap, shiny jewellery can look tacky. Other than that, you can basically do what you want jewellery-wise.

Pay More for Your Coat

Depending on the weather, you might not wear a coat very often, but if you live in a place where wearing a coat is a necessity a lot of the time, it’s worth spending more on one or two quality ones because, a good coat, when it’s buttoned up can hide a multitude of sins and make a pretty standard outfit appear to be way more expensive.

Keep Your Shoes Clean

It doesn’t matter whether your shoes cost you $50 or $500 if you keep them clean and you regularly polish then to get rid of any scuffs and scrapes, they will look more expensive and they will add to the whole aura of your outfit instead of detracting from it in a big way.

The Devil is in the Detail

pink buttons on white and pink spots

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make outfits look cheap and worn out, such as loose threads, missing buttons, stains and bobbles, rather than the fact that the clothes were inexpensive in the first place. So. if you want to look more expensive, it’s a pretty good idea to learn some basic sewing and clothing care skills and to get diligent about removing any small imperfections as soon as you notice they’re there.

Steam It

Steaming your clothing instead of ironing them will not only ensure that they are even more crease free, but it will take up less of your time, and it will damage your clothing far less so that they look better for longer too.

Bold or Black

Instead of going for earthy shades of brown, beige, green etc., if you want your wardrobe to look expensive, vibrant and luxurious, you should invest in jewel colours first and foremost, with a few pastels thrown into the mix for good measure. If, however, you are in any doubt as to what works, go for black because it’s much easier to make black look expensive than it is most other colours.

Keep Prints to a Minimum

In terms of prints, stick to the classics, like leopard print and polka dots because other patterns go out of fashion pretty quickly and they can make your outfit look a lot cheaper when that happens.

Get a Good Haircut

red hair woman pearls

A good haircut will instantly make you look more expensive. Find a style that suits your face and matches the kind of fashion you’re into and go to a reputable local salon to have it cut. Keep on top of maintenance and always have a stylist dye your hair – box dyes almost always look cheap – and you will be amazed by the results.

Bag and Shoes Should Match

Matching your bag and shoes is a great way to add a subtle touch of class that need not cost you very much at all if you are smart about what you buy.

If you do as many of these things as you can, and you hold yourself with grace, you will look more expensive, fashionable and sophisticated than you ever have before, and it won’t even have cost you very much in the great scheme of things – what’s not to love?

Dance, Magic (Accessories Post – Tijuana Cartel, 1st Feb)


Went to see Tijuana Cartel at the Oxford Art Factory again on Friday night. Got me some dancing in, and even wore appropriate shoes for the job, even if they did get soaked through walking from the Pitt Street mall to Oxford street. A little time under the hand dryers helped a little, but while I dried off, I did get told twice at the Colombian to put my shoes back on :p

cleavage ninja
Cleavage Ninja from Shana Logic

Hello Kitty Vans
Hello Kitty Vans

jan2013 621
Hello Kitty Bag

Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty Swarovski Earrings

hair stars
Twist in Hair Stars

and of course the sparkly nail stickers

jan2013 239

Up & Running Workout #1 – a skip and a jog

@runningonline Workout #1
(Crib notes for the session)

Did my first session of my Up & Running course this evening. And interesting combination which saw me relieve the skipping along the foreshore was over and I could just go back to running ;)

workout #1

Covered 8km using a combination of walking, running, jogging and skipping. Was fun, but will head out a little earlier next time, ended up walking home in the dark! I’ll also wear my newer shoes, not my worn out sad old shoes. They’re okay for walking, but NOT for the running. Felt the impact on my left foot while skipping along!

arm band

Oh and I have to say my new phone arm band (scored off ebay for $8 including postage) is awesome. Even has a sneaky little key pocket. Score!


(ps, my hair is getting really long!)

Pretty in…. Purple

This post has been written in conjunction with ghd


So, I like purple. Always have. I remember I had a cardigan once my Aunty knitted me. It was purple, and warm, and I wore it everywhere. :) When I got to choose the colours for my room, I went for lilac. I was stoked when the bouquets for my sister’s wedding had purple ribbons. It goes on.

There’s a lot less purple in my wardrobe these days, but I still have a bunch in the accessories department (gotta have some sparkle in my mostly grey and black clothing! You’d think I lived in Melbourne or something.) Like the Butterfly clip above.

Purple tights

Many pairs of purple tights have been in my life.

Hello Kitty Pants!

And of course Hello Kitty AND Purple? I’m in!

But it was 25% off!

Or this favourite lingerie set of mine, Pleasure State :)

Purple Glittle Jesus

And there was that short lived affair with the Purple Glitter Jesus Moneybox. (JESUS SAVES!!!!) How is he going, Hannah?

So, if I was to get a ghd to replace my old hair straightener, it would HAVE to be purple. Like the Purple Peacock above. Then I’d KNOW it was mine ;)

What’s your go to colour??

31 photos in 31 days - new pink and purple doona cover

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