Birthday Cupcakes and BBQ for all the Kids!

My sister, her partner, and her two kids had a mega joint birthday party on the weekend, where there were awesome sausages, beautiful cakes, and lotsa crazy children! Hipster me with the chalk ;) Sugar table! We were greeted with a sunny it’s-almost-spring-people kinda of day, and set up accordingly, with outdoor activities and toys […]

Liam’s Second Birthday Party – Sugar hangovers all ’round

It’s my party and I’ll bite every lolly on the table and put it back in the bowl if I wanna! It was the sugar fueled 2nd birthday party of awesome on Sunday. There were cupcakes Presents! The bike I got him. A little big. Oh well! Not the dinosaur, daddy! Portugal. No way they’re […]

Local DJ

I’ve not been to a party in someone’s house before with a DJ all set up with his many speakers, turnables and … well laptop these days… Nothing but the local DJ. He said he had some songs to play. What went down from this fooling around. Gave hope and a brand new day. [Loving […]