Tips for a Bachelorette Party to Remember

Tips for a Bachelorette Party to Remember

Are you a bridesmaid for a ‘wife to be’? If you are, then the pressure is on delivering a bachelorette party that your friend and their friends will never forget. Whether you have already planned out the party or have no clue what you will do, the tips below should help you make sure you do not miss any vital steps.

Do your research

Before you let your mind run wild with ideas in the excitement of planning this special event, have you done your research to find out the definite musts and must-nots for the bride? Brides are not all created equally, and while some might want a crazy night of alcohol and strippers (make sure to book your Wilmington strippers in advance), some might only want a fancy dinner. You should never assume that you know the answer, because while your friend might normally be timid or wild on a normal weekend, this event is a one-off, and they might surprise you. Try to get information either directly from the bride or indirectly through the groom or family about what they would like to do. It is also useful to know what is off the table. You might think a cocktail class is a way to go but not realize they have done this about three times before at other people’s bachelorette parties. They probably will want to do something different.

Talk to the guests in advance

Organizing the bachelorette party should be a team effort, and you should be fully aware of who the bride wants to attend and who they do not want there. For example, is the mother-in-law going to be invited? Do not assume you know; she could be a monster-in-law. Ask the other guests for ideas and their thoughts, but more importantly, ask them for their budgets. Especially with the custom normally being that everyone pitches in for the bride as well as their own costs, it quickly adds up for individual guests. Not everyone can afford a weekend away or even a full spa day, and no one should have to miss out because of their financial circumstances. Ask the guests privately if they have a financial limit and what you expect the budget to be for the whole event and be willing to compromise.

Think about the place for organizing a bachelorette party

So, you’ve decided to have a bachelorette party for your best friend before she gets married? That’s great! There are many things you can do to make it count. First, you need to pick the place for the party. You can go to your favorite club or restaurant, but if you want to have some privacy, you can have it at your own place or any other rented place. Decorating the place is another thing that you need to think about. However, if you don’t like decorating or simply don’t have time, there are other ways around it. You can purchase bachelorette-themed decorations, balloons, and bachelorette party banners and hire a professional decorator to do it for you.

Get fun props

A bachelorette party can be a good opportunity to be a bit silly as the wedding is likely to be quite formal in most cases. One thing that is always likely to get everyone into a fun spirit is the use of props. This can range from different extremes, but there is a lot to choose from on the market. You can, of course, get the bride and other guests’ sashes or t-shirts, but you can also buy photo props and fun things to consume like frozen margarita pops to create a twist to normal cocktail drinking.

Make sure the spotlight is on the bride

Finally, the most important tip to remember is to make sure the spotlight remains on the bride. It is clever to have a rough schedule for the event so that people do not get carried away and start their own party in their haste to have an enjoyable time. Having the bride complete challenges and answer questions can be a fantastic way to keep the focus on her special occasion.

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