4 Tips to Having a Hollywood Smile

4 Tips to Having a Hollywood Smile

Having a beaming smile straight out of the magazines seems like an impossible idea to many people. Teeth and oral health, in general, are among the leading insecurities for many regular people, and it’s common to see closed mouths in photos because of this. There are ways that you can work towards that Hollywood smile, though, and many of them won’t cost Hollywood money to achieve. Making the below efforts can transform your biggest insecurity into your biggest asset in no time at all.


Obviously, your mouth and teeth’ health will be directly affected by your diet. Heavy consumption of caffeine can cause stains on your teeth, and certain foods can also lead to Halitosis (bad breath). Foods that get stuck in your mouth and between your teeth, such as sweets and starchy foods, can be especially problematic for oral hygiene, and if treats are consumed, it is better to eat them with meals instead of between meals as more saliva is produce during this time and will help wash out your gums and teeth. Fiber-rich foods help to clean your teeth while dairy products restore tooth enamel.

Brushing and flossing

Affective brushing and flossing are vital. If you want to be particularly careful of your oral hygiene, doing this activity after each meal and at the beginning and end of the day can have amazing results. Acids from the food you eat can remain present in your mouth and break down tooth enamel for at least twenty minutes after the meal. The type of toothpaste you use will also have an impact, with many offering various levels of fluoride and whitening effects. The higher the toothpaste is in fluoride, the more benefits you will reap. Not rinsing with water afterward is also a clever idea. An effective electric toothbrush also far surpasses a standard toothbrush, and the technology, convenience, and sustainability of those on the market continue to improve.

Keeping up with check-ups

Ensuring you attend your regular check-ups with your dentist at Precision OMS is vitally important to notice any problems you have not detected. You might also find that the dentist spots an oral condition that is causing problems that you had not been aware of. For example, tonsilitis can cause bad breath because pieces of food become trapped in small holes in the tonsils. If this happens repeatedly, your dentist may recommend removing them, and it is not necessarily something that could be solved with simply good oral hygiene.

Procedures and moulds

Of course, if the shape or placement of your teeth is a big problem for you, then it could be wise to discuss potential cosmetic procedures or solutions with your dentist. In the case of retainers, once your dentist has created the moulds, it can be much easier to use other services for cheaper replacements in the future, and many private companies are now offering this.

Whatever you feel is the reason you are not beaming from ear to ear, there is likely to be a solution available to you after consultation with your dentist.

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