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Some recent Food Porns

by Fiona on March 23, 2015 · 0 comments

Bahn Mi

Newcastle seems to be slowly embracing the Vietnamese Pork Roll, aka Bahn Mi, and this yummy one above is from the Cardiff Bakehouse in the main street of Cardiff – fresh crusty rolls and tangy soy make it divine for $6. They also do a Mega Egg and Bacon Roll for $5.50 with two eggs and heaps of bacon to keep the tradies happy!

Scrambled Breakfast - Belmont 16ft sailing club

Breakfast Bruscetta Custom Espresso

I’ve had a few breakfasts out lately, and these two were great – the scrambled breakfast at the top from Belmont 16ft sailing club and the Breakfast Brucetta from Custom Espresso Speers Point (sans eggs).

Noodle soup


Back on the Hello Fresh boxes recently, with a number of Asian recipes like the udon noodle soups to keep my nose running, and the pizza to keep to vege count up! You can still get $35 off your first box by using my referral code R3CDUQ :D

Mezza - Badde Manors

And also on the veges – this Mezze Platter from Badde Manors in Glebe :)

Had anything pretty to eat today?


Pizza Capers Tamworth

by Fiona on July 27, 2014 · 0 comments

Arriving in Tamworth late Friday afternoon, everyone tired from work.

Pizza it is!

Pizza Capers Tamworth - Seafood Savannah
Seafood Savannah

Pizza Capers Tamworth - BBQ Bonanza
BBQ Bonanza

Pizza Capers Tamworth - Tuscan Pesto Chicken and Bacon
Tuscan Pesto Chicken and Bacon.

What’s your go-to lazy meal?

Pizza Capers
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by Fiona on May 4, 2014 · 0 comments

I feel like such a wuss, wearing a beanie in Newcastle in May, when Canberra is my beanie and scarf collection’s spiritual home.


  1. Death :: Star
  2. Skirt :: hem
  3. Lust :: for life
  4. You :: and me
  5. Repeat :: over and over
  6. Exhaustion :: done
  7. Obstruction :: destruction
  8. Secret :: society
  9. Shiny :: happy people
  10. Tell :: me more

(some mutterings…)

You mean I have to drink wine everyday with these glasses? Good thing they’re my sister’s! We moved her into a new place with the kids, and she fed us wine and pizza…

Double sausage pizza and a free dessert pizza – Black Forest crumble – from Crust. I didn’t have the sweet one but the savoury was awesome.


Local and Vego #meatfreemonday

by Fiona on April 22, 2013 · 2 comments

Slowly slowly, cafes and restaurants on the Central Coast and Newcastle and venturing beyond having a single vegetarian item on the menu, and giving options for those who don’t want meat in every meal. Admittedly, most are still full of cheese and/or mushrooms (which is okay until your vegetarian date doesn’t like mushroom, or your friend is vegan) but they are getting there.

Here are a few (cheesy – so glad I’m back on the dairy, though my waistline might not be) vego options I’ve had over the past couple of weeks.

The Spot, Beaumont Street HamiltonThe Spot, Beaumont Street Hamilton

From The Spot on Beaumont Street, Hamilton: Corn and Feta Fritters with Mushroom, spinach and tomato relish. Oh so yum!

Vege Nachos

From Cafe Pennoz in the Tuggerah Business Park: Vege Nachos. I had time to kill at work one day so I treated myself.

vegetarian pizza , hungry wolf, Terrigal

From Hungry Wolf’s Pizza, Terrigal: Dom’s Special (Cheese, tomato, mushrooms, onion, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, basil, olives, garlic and chilli (optional) – minus the mushrooms and chili. It’s always a nice little delight to get artichoke on something. Way back when I worked in Tuggeranong (not to be confused with Tuggerah), there was a cafe downstairs at Homeworld that sold an amazing vegetarian foccacia with roast Mediterranean veges which I loved… and made me realise that I did like artichoke (from a jar anyway!).


Grand Final Long Weekend in Melbourne

by Fiona on October 4, 2012 · 3 comments

septoct12 362

One advantage of having a mother who is a crazy Swans fan is when she offers to take you to Melbourne to see the AFL grand final…. let’s ignore that my team (the Bombers) apparently only had one player all season! I was there to cheer the Swans and do some heckling!

septoct12 171

Starting with a flight out from an airport with terrible coffee and a logo that reminds me of the new one for

septoct12 186

My first Jetstar flight. Yeah, what leg room?

septoct12 196

A bumpy ride and a drizzly cold grand final parade.

septoct12 236

Grill’d for lunch

septoct12 237

septoct12 238

Myer’s dizzying heights

septoct12 263

Soy Gelato for dinner

septoct12 270

And back on the City Circle Tram, to the Docklands Travelodge.

septoct12 239

septoct12 301

Dressed for the game Saturday morning. Showing my true colours.

septoct12 307

Coffee and breakfast at Hardware Societe.

septoct12 308

septoct12 312

Rice pudding!

septoct12 311

septoct12 309

septoct12 313


septoct12 315

Following the crowd to the G.

septoct12 320

As the weather gets worse and the ponchos come out.

septoct12 337

Fortunately we were sheltered.

septoct12 344

Some post match celebrations:

septoct12 364

Dinner at Baci at Crown

septoct12 374


septoct12 376


septoct12 394

Pizza for breakfast! One with a black rice base, the other polenta. Both gluten free from the QV Markets

septoct12 403

septoct12 405

septoct12 408

Awww poor Hawks….

septoct12 306


Blue Water Pizza, Warners Bay

by Fiona on May 5, 2012 · 3 comments

Been a couple of years since I went to Blue Water Pizza, but it was time to go back again. They have gluten free bases for a $5.20 surcharge, but they are nice bases!

Blue water pizza, Warners Bay

Started with a garlic crust. Which initially came out with cheese, despite a specific request for no cheese.

Blue water pizza, Warners Bay

Vegetarian – Mykonos Pizza

Blue water pizza, Warners Bay

Chicken and Prawn – Rio Grande (they were meant to bring out sweet chilli sauce and sour cream for it, too, but that didn’t arrive until we were halfway thru >:|)

Blue water pizza, Warners Bay

Supposedly a greek salad. But it had sundried tomatoes instead of fresh ones, and some other roast veges from jars, and no red onion. It was.. weird. Oh and the plate was cold, so I think it had been in the fridge plated up all day ready to plonk on a table…

Blue water pizza, Warners Bay

They did pass the soy latte making test this time though! :p


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Eat Love Pizza, Darling Harbour

by Fiona on November 29, 2011 · 1 comment

Eat Love Pizza

Why are all my dinners at Darling Harbour ‘quick’ ones?

Eat Love Pizza

Oh well, The roo pizza at top I’m told was delish, and my seafood gluten free pasta went down well, as did this different take on chicken parmi.

Eat Love Pizza

Eat Love Pizza

mm crispy.

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Home cooked Gluten Free Pizzas

September 9, 2011

The housemate had a box of Woolies gluten free pizza base mix she’s been bugging to use, so we put it to use over the weekend. It needed to be rolled thinner, but otherwise worked well :)

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Dinner at the Oatley Hotel

September 1, 2011

Feeling very welcomed by my flatmate. We went with some of her friends to the Oatley Pub for dinner. After digging into some hot chips, I went a much needed salad for dinner, while the others raves about the pizzas.

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The tale of a Gluten Free Crust Pizza, a cereal container and some flowers that made me smile

February 25, 2011

So, my dear, you all want to hear the story behind why I arrived home on Thursday to Flowers from Crust Pizza? As happens in the blogging world, arrangements are made at times for bloggers to try things, in the hope that they’ll like them and blog about how awesome they are. This was the […]

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Picasso’s Pizza (and our replica)

October 2, 2010

It feels like such a Sunday evening (except, it’s not! and there’s TWO more days in the weekend!), sitting on the couches, reading, listening (well, rocking out to :p) Triple J Hottest 100, Volume 4 (disc one and two… Who else has fond memories of Underground and Pepper??) and making Pizza! In Brisbane last Saturday […]

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