What Makes A Great Pizza?

What Makes A Great Pizza?

Australians eat more than 264 million pizzas a year. While that’s a lot of pizza it doesn’t come close to Norway. Norwegians eat the highest amount of pizza per year per capita. Individuals in Norway consume approximately 5kgs of pizza in a year.

Pizza was so much invented as it evolved from food-topped flatbreads eaten in ancient Greece, Rome, Persia and Egypt. Pizza as we know it today arrived on the scene in Naples Italy in the 18th century. It was a favourite of peasants who migrated to the area from the countryside.

Not every pizza place knows how to make a great pie. Some might miss out on a few of the basics.

Fresh Ingredients

Cheap frozen pizzas are plentiful but they are nothing like the real thing. Nothing can beat the flavour of pizza with fresh sauce and toppings, combined with a crust that was baked today.

If you’re looking to satisfy your craving with some pasta in Geelong make sure the ingredients and crust are freshly baked.

Incredible Crust

Everybody has a favourite crust. Whether it’s thin-crust, hand-tossed, or pan-crust this is the starting point of your pizza and it has to be good.

You have to start with an excellent dough recipe. While much of the flavour of the pizza is in the toppings and sauce a good crust will balance them out. You know the crust is excellent when people eat the whole slice without discarding any of the crust.


The best pizza restaurants have a generations-old recipe for their sauce. Most of them will guard it with their lives, as it represents what makes their pizza great. By making sauce from scratch they have control over the balance of sweet and savoury flavours and all the spices and ingredients that go in it.

Good pizza restaurants make their sauce daily and don’t rely on frozen or store-bought marinara. The fresher and more unique the taste, the better the pizza.

Home pizza ovens are a trend in Australia allowing amateur chefs to include pizza in their summer recipes.


Mozzarella is the most popular cheese topping because when you bite into it you get that delicious pull. Other popular cheeses include parmesan, cheddar, Gorgonzola and more.

Some people don’t even need toppings. Most pizza menus will feature a 4-cheese pizza, for cheese lovers. Everyone agrees that a lot of cheese is a must to have an excellent pizza.


Toppings give pizzas their distinct flavours. Toppings should be fresh and high-quality. Meat toppings should not taste artificial or like they’ve been kept in a meat locker for months. Vegetables should be fresh and tasty.

There is a lot of creativity when it comes to pizza toppings, but some classics will never change. A good pizza restaurant will have a variety of choices and allow you to substitute toppings.


A high-quality pizza restaurant is clean and adheres to all the applicable health and safety laws related to food handling.

Great pizza comes from chefs who make their dough fresh by hand daily and who only use the freshest and highest quality ingredients they can get.

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