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High Class Fashion On A Low Budget

Collaborative Post

coats on a rack

There can be special occasions when we all want to dress up a little more elegantly. This clothing can be expensive to buy, however there are ways to reduce these costs. Here are a few ways to afford luxury clothing.

Shop second-hand

Second-hand clothing is always much cheaper than brand new clothing. It’s unlikely you’ll find luxury dresses shopping at a thrift store or a charity shop, although you may get lucky. Consignment stores are often a better choice as they specialise in high end second hand clothing. On top of physical stores, you can use online second hand sites such as Preloved to find clothing – just make sure that pictures are included so that you have a good idea of the condition.

Shop online

There are many online stores such as Fresh Soul Clothing that specialise in affordable clothing with a luxury touch. These sites can sometimes sell cheaper than physical stores due to not having as many overheads. Just make sure to factor in the delivery cost when buying online. Most online stores now allow returns if an item of clothing isn’t the right fit, so don’t fret about the fact that you can’t try on these clothes first.

Hire expensive clothing

Buying isn’t the only option when it come to luxury clothing – hiring it from a company like Rent the Runway could allow you to get a luxury dress for a tenth of the price of buying it. Such companies dry clean and iron each dress so that it feels brand new when putting it on. Just make sure that you return the dress on time, as there could be a late return fee. It is possible to buy clothing from some of these companies if you’ve hired and don’t want to part with it, however you’ll be paying a premium to own it – more than were you to buy the dress from another retailer.

Borrow from a friend

If you know a friend or family member that’s the same size as you, it’s possible they may have an item of clothing that you could borrow when it comes to a one-off special event. This is ideal for most people – the idea that someone they know has worn it can turn a lot of people off – but if you’re skint and need an outfit, it could be a solution worth considering.

Swap clothes

Got a luxury dress that you’d be willing to swap with somebody? Sites like Swishing have become popular for clothes swapping and now have sections for boutique clothing. This could be a cheap way of getting a new luxury dress, whilst getting rid of an item in your wardrobe in the process. There may also be a clothes swap event near to you, however these events may not always have luxury clothing to choose from.

Cute and Quirky Homewares and Eclectic Home Solutions from Penny Miller

This post is in collaboration with Digital Parents Collective and Penny Miller

purple knee highs

How convenient is it to shop from home? We all love getting a bundle of catalogues in the letter box, browsing for bargains on eBay, and clicking through to have our groceries delivered each week!

So, here’s another way you can shop from home (or become a salesperson yourself!).

Penny Miller is an 100% Aussie-owned catalogue order company. You can order from the paper catalogues or browse their many categories online. Some of the wide range of items were sent out to me to try. Wanna see?

20 pack of coloured knee-highs

A 20 pack of colourful knee-highs! This was a must for me – they weren’t quite knee-high as you see above, but there’s 20 different colours! I’m set for a month of colourful fun!

granny panties

Slimming (granny!-) panties. You know, to wear under that sleek special occasion dress to smooth out those bumps just a tad ;) A couple of Briget Jones – moments may ensue, but that’s what we’re aiming for!

pelvic floor exerciser

Then there’s this contraption, which was tricky for people to figure out.

pelvic floor exerciser

It’s a pelvic floor exerciser…. which is handy for me who can’t quite deal with a good tickling. Eeeps!


Our range-hood doesn’t have a light, which is a little odd, so this stick on light will help me illuminate my stovertop, both for my blind eyes and my food photos. It’s stuck on with double-sided tape, but also came with a screw option.

car phone holder

Lucky-last, I now can use my phone GPS legally! It took me a few attempts to get this phone holder in the right spot so the phone wouldn’t fly out, but once I figured it out, it worked well :) Next to get my cigarette lighter fixed so I can keep the charge to my phone while driving.

So, how do you order?
You can shop online at or call their super-friendly customer service team on 1300 663 161 to arrange a distributor to come and drop off a catalogue.

Or why not become a distributor yourself if there’s not one close to you? It’s as flexible and as intensive as you want it to be, and a super-simple way to work from home. Check out some of their distributors’ stories on the Penny Miller Facebook page.

Don’t forget if you place an order with your distributor, you only pay cash on delivery!

Home goodies at Super A-Mart

TOTE TRAYS!!!! at amart
zomg TOTE TRAYS for your home!

I got sent with some gift vouchers to the newly opened Super A-Mart in Warners Bay this week, to pick out a few things to perk up some place in the house… as soon as we walked in and saw the doona covers, we thought “that’s it!” and knew we could definitely brighten up the bedroom for Spring with a replacement for our washed out covers.

Bed and bedspread at amart

I did think that this “Princess” set and “Princess” wooden cutout would be PERFECT for me. But, alas, two problems – it only comes in single (perfect for my niece with her pink obsession – the other day she scored a pink electronic guitar toy from Lifeline for $3, and she was Rockin it), and I was looking for something for a “grown up room”. *sigh* One day I’ll have a spare room which I can decorate in all the girly, Hello Kitty glory I can find.

Princess wooden decor at amart

Bed and bedspread at amart - Eiffel tower

Bruce liked this Eiffel tower quilt cover… because it has a car on it. A Citroën 2CV, I’m told. We were also VERY close to buying a new computer desk chair, there was this office chair that would have suited all his gaming needs for $99.95, but he decided to stick with his current (red) chair…. If the one on show was red, I’m sure it would have been bundled into the back of my car straight away!

New mattress protector from amart

What we DID end up spending that office chair money on was a new mattress protector as our old one (a quilted style) had become washed out and lumpy and rather uncomfortable. And it was definitely a need to freshen up ahead of sweaty summer nights. Waterproof backing and machine washable were our two main criteria when we were browsing their range in store. This one, the brand is Orthokinetic same as the brand of mattresses Amart stocks, seemed a but of a splurge, but it looked like it was easy to care for, and didn’t have the potential to go all lumpy like our old one.

Bed and bedspread at amart

And then it was onto choosing some pretties. I liked the look of the silver and black quilt over set above, but the material wasn’t that nice to touch, and I’m a fussy little princess when it comes to bed! We also eyed off some microfibre sheets, but the purple was only in Double *sadface*

CUSHIONS! at amart

Cushions were another option, but I know I’d just end up throwing them on the floor and not using them.

New quilt cover set from amart

And so, we ended up finding two quilt cover sets, both reduced in price to take home to Spring-ify the room.


First was this lovely, leafy and calm doona cover. I liked the embroidered spots, and the reverse faded teal. Amart had some Euro sized covers also to go with the set, but not having the big pillows, we shied away from adding them in.

New Quilt cover set from Amart

We also got this Logan & Mason black set. While not as Spring, it certainly changes the feel of the room to more serious and grown up.


And yes, that is my flying unicorn :p Resting soundly on his new pillowcase.


Do you have different doona covers in spring and summer? I put the black one on the heavy “winter” doona, so that may be where it stays!

Canberra's Handmade Christmas Market

Ventured out to the Handmade Markets this morning, to have a wander and get some Xmas shopping done!

Handmade Markets

Hot day – wouldn’t want to be in the shed later this afternoon. Ugh. Got a yummy cold chai from the Real Chai stand free when I bought some tea from them, that cooled me off and kept me going a while longer!

Handmade Markets

Ran into Jen from Red Instead (recently relaunched to focus on her passions for print, web design and photography)…running around helping here and there. Also saw (or was seen by) Julia helping at another friends stall. Also was able to scab a lift home from a workmate and her family (I walked there this morning!)

Handmade Markets
My haul!

I won’t tell you what’s gifts and what’s for me, but they came from:
Chin Chilla Creations
Created for You (I think I’m going to end up with a very large collection of button earrings if I keep visiting her stall!)
Real Chai
Wombat Heights Orchard
Lakeview Estate Winery


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