Is Under Eye Injection a Possibility with Dermal Fillers?

Saying that possibilities with dermal fillers are endless wouldn’t just be very clichéd, but also not very informative. Before making your appointment and considering dermal fillers, you first have to understand what you can treat with them and how they can help you. Filler treatments are created with versatility in mind and are designed to handle a variety of aesthetic and cosmetic tasks.

NYC, being a hub for all kinds of cosmetic centers and many seasoned practitioners, is home to many individuals who are interested in fillers. Unfortunately, due to the lack of abundant information, not many of them know about the true power of fillers. You won’t hear how with treatments like under eye filler NYC residents can look fresh and lively. But, unfortunately, you will hear about a celebrity scandal involving a botched filler treatment.

So, with the help of our good friends at Manhattan’s Skinly Aesthetics, we want to share with you everything that’s possible with dermal fillers and what you can expect from this amazing compound.

  1. Static Wrinkle Smoothing

There are several kinds of wrinkles on the face, among which are the permanent static wrinkles. These can be found all over the face, most prominently on the forehead and as their name suggests, they’re always there. This is the result of aging and at some point, everyone’s going to have them if no intervention is done.

But that doesn’t mean we have to live with them. Sure, many individuals choose to accept themselves for how they look and see wrinkles as another sign of their experience and wisdom in life. The harsh reality is, however, that not everyone shares this sentiment. Many people want to see smooth skin that looks young and fresh. They don’t want to wake up in the morning and stare at a tired, worn out face, which is typically associated with wrinkles.

Dermal fillers can safely smooth out static wrinkles. And even if their effect is temporary, fillers can last from months up to years. So, the word “temporary” is relative. There are many types of lip injections so be sure to consult Aesthetic Lane for advice

2. Around the Eyes

Whether you’re at a party, family gathering or an important interview, people are going to be looking at your eyes. By default, most people focus their line of sight if not directly into your eyes, then the area around them. Which is why age marks like under eye bags are always so noticeable.

Through the many years of non-stop work and the many responsibilities you have, it’s easy to lose track of your appearance, then wake up to find those tired looking eyes. Whether it comes with age or after a few years of an intensely busy lifestyle, these wrinkles and bags can also be treatable with fillers.

You will find many practitioners that treat under eye bags. If you live in a big city, you shouldn’t have a problem finding under eye filler NYC, LA and other big cities being great examples.

It’s a very popular use for the compound, as many people find those bags to be a real nuisance.

With only a few injections of the hyaluronic based gel, your face will look young and fresh once again and you won’t have to worry about staring at a tired reflection in the morning.

3. Volume Restoration

Ever notice how the older we get, the more hollow, shallow and deflated our face gets as well? This is a natural sign of aging that comes with volume loss. When our faces are young and the skin is tight, it clings onto the more noticeable features, creating beautiful contours and angles.

A good way to see volume would be to put a young and older face side-by-side. You’ll immediately notice that there are all kinds of interesting chiseled lines, facial features and shapes that the older face lacks. This is caused by the skin beginning to deflate over the years and all those beautiful features being lost under it.

By injecting the gel into certain areas of the face, surgeons are able to replenish the lost volume under the skin in such a way that it’s just plump and full enough to once again have enough support around the cheekbones, to bring out the profile, jawline and other attractive angles. This is why volume restoration is one of the most effective treatments that utilizes this injectable implant.

And all of this is done without making the face look artificial or puffed up, like other treatment methods tend to. This is because just enough of the hyaluronic compound is used to reintroduce lost volume and provide structural support to overlying the skin, but not to the point where it contorts the face way out of proportion. With an experienced practitioner who’s working with the best materials, you won’t have to worry about this. NYC’s Skinly Aesthetics has restored the volume of countless faces; they all look young and refreshed, but without sacrificing a bit of authenticity.

4. Lip Injections

Fillers are also very often used for lip injections or more aptly referred to as “lip fillers”. Using a specific variant of the dermal filler compound, practitioners are able to enlarge the lips just enough, that they look visibly bigger, but not artificial.

One of the biggest gripes with lip enhancements that so many patients have is the fear of having those weird-looking “duck lips” that are generally the result of overdone enhancements. You can look through the before and after photos to see for yourself how natural the enhancements look. The lips are bigger, yes, but they retain their natural beauty, symmetry and form, making them indistinguishable from naturally voluminous lips.

Some people think they have an easier way out by simply putting on a lot of make-up. While this is a temporary way to make your lips look bigger, sure, consider the amount of time you’ll need to spend each day putting on your make-up. Also, putting on tons of make-up everyday isn’t good for the skin.

Instead, a single lip enhancement treatment will keep you set for at least 6 months, which is typically the minimum amount of time lip enhancements last.