5 Ways to Make Your Home Safer This Spring

5 Ways to Make Your Home Safer This Spring

At the time of this writing, spring has finally sprung! After a long winter preceded by the corona-riddled summer and fall of 2020, a lot of us are looking forward to the annual renewal of spring. Many of us will be spending time cleaning up the yard, sprucing up the garden, and handling other spring maintenance chores. Why not make our homes safer while we’re at it?

You can never give too much attention to safety. Whether it’s making the yard safer for the kids or beefing up security to prevent burglary, there is always something to do. This year is no exception. Below are five ways you can make your home safer in the coming weeks and months.

1. Install or Repair Fencing

Fencing is one of the most practical ways to increase safety for both children and pets. A good fence can stop both from wandering off. That is especially important if you have little ones who like to play in the yard. A good fence with a locked gate also makes it more difficult for intruders to do what they do.

Spring is a great time to install a new fence. If your yard sign is already fenced, this is a good time to address maintenance issues. Repair any broken sections. Take a look at the gate to make sure it still locks properly. If you have a wood fence, it may need a new coat of paint.

2. Trim Back the Shrubs

Trimming shrubs and bushes is a normal springtime activity. But did you know it enhances safety? Burglars appreciate overgrown bushes and shrubs because these provide cover. They use the overgrowth to hide their movements as they attempt to enter through a first-floor window or door.

Trimming them back affords a clearer view of your home. And when the view is clear from the street, burglars are less likely to target your home.

3. Install New Door Locks

Believe it or not, first-floor doors are the preferred entry point for burglars. They especially love doors with flimsy, keyed locks that are easily breached with a swift kick. An experienced burglar can get through such a door in seconds. What is the solution? New door locks.

The easiest way to prevent burglars from kicking in your first-floor doors is to install heavy-duty deadbolts. Better yet, Vivint Home Security recommends heavy-duty smart locks. A smart lock is an electronic lock that doesn’t require a key for entry. The benefit, in terms of security, is being alerted every time the door opens and closes.

4. Address Hazards in the Yard

Melting snow has a way of revealing hazards in the yard. Spring is the time to address those hazards. If winter’s freeze-thaw cycles have created small holes in your lawn, fill them in with dirt and plant new grass. Doing so will prevent someone from twisting an ankle or tripping and falling.

Other examples of hazards include damaged lawn furniture, cracked patio slabs, broken tree limbs, exposed tree stumps, and so forth. Anything in the yard that could contribute to an accident should be addressed. After all, you want your yard to be welcoming, not threatening.

5. Change Your Smoke Detector Batteries

Finally, spring is when we observe the start of daylight saving time by advancing our clocks one hour. Heed the advice of your local fire department and change the batteries in all your smoke detectors.

Spring is finally here. That means home improvement projects. As long as you’ll be putting in the time and effort this spring, why not do what you can to make your home safer?

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