Common Dating Outfit Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Common Dating Outfit Mistakes You Want to Avoid

If you’re finally ready to get back out on the dating market after a long hiatus, it’s a daunting process to go through. Part of the stress can come from knowing what to wear to make yourself look and feel as appealing as possible so you can attract potential dates and have more confidence during the interactions.

If you’re concerned your style may not be as on point as you’d like, read on for some common dating outfit mistakes to avoid.

Lack of Comfort

While it’s common to wear high heels that make our feet sore after a while and clothing that doesn’t leave much room to breathe, it pays to avoid making yourself uncomfortable for dates. You don’t want to be distracted by pain or tightness, feel like you have to keep pulling at sleeves, a top, or skirt, etc., that rides up when you move or underwear that falls down, or deal with itching due to scratchy material. These issues will leave you unable to concentrate on your date properly. As such, try to avoid the mistake of dressing in a way that lacks comfort.

When choosing outfits, think about items made out of soft materials that are nice against your skin and jeans and other gear that’s stretchy enough for you to move and breathe properly. Ensure your clothes fit correctly, and that pants, skirts, and sleeves aren’t so long that they’ll drag on the ground or in your food. It’s wise to stay away from brand new shoes that you haven’t had a chance to break in yet, too.

Not Taking Into Account the Type of Date

Another mistake many people make when planning a date outfit is concentrating purely on how they look and not on how practical the clothing is for the type of activity intended. You need to take what you’re going to be doing into account so you don’t get into a situation where you or your date can’t relax and have fun since you’re not adequately clothed.

For instance, if you’re headed off for a walk along the beach, don’t wear a short dress that could keep blowing up in the air and exposing you due to the breeze close to the ocean. If the pair of you are doing something active, like hiking, playing golf, tennis, or bowls, or doing some yoga, etc., you need to wear something you can move freely in and that will wick moisture away from your skin, so you don’t end up a sweaty mess.

If you’re likely to walk quite a bit on the date, such as wandering through a museum or some local markets, it’s best to choose wedge heels or flats rather than stiletto ones. Don’t feel afraid to ask your date for some specifics on what they have planned for your get-together or at least some guidance on wise outfit choices so you can dress accordingly. People will appreciate that you’re taking enough care to plan ahead and look for ways to make the outing as enjoyable as possible.

Examine the Weather

Another practicality that many people don’t consider as much as they should is the weather. Even if you have the perfect first date outfit planned, if the weather changes on the day you’re meeting up with your potential new partner, your outfit selection may need to change. No one wants to be cold and shivering or hot and sweaty when trying to look confident and generate chemistry with another person.

Consider the materials your clothing items are made from and the type of shoes you wear since it doesn’t make sense, for instance, to wear suede shoes on a very wet day. Similarly, avoid jeans or other clothes that could make you too warm if the weather is suddenly hot and sunny.

Avoiding Red

If you want to enhance the romance and sexiness of your date, you might consider wearing red or incorporating this intense hue into your outfit. This color has positive date connotations since it’s associated with love, romance, desire, passion, and more, yet many ladies don’t wear it much as they might think it doesn’t suit them or that it’s too bright.

Keep in mind that there are many different shades of red to choose between. If you don’t feel comfortable opting for a bold red dress or top or skirt, you can still play around with red accessories such as a bag, jewelry, and shoes, or even choose clothes with a fun, colorful print that has red as one of the dominant shades. Or, check out the upcoming women’s summer outfit ideas for ideas of ways you can refresh your wardrobe and tick off the color box at the same time.

Other mistakes to avoid include showing too much skin, overpowering your date with perfume, and trying to dress in a way that isn’t true to who you are and your personal style. Be strategic in your outfit choices and ensure you set yourself up for an outing you can relax into as much as possible.