Tips For Riding Mobility Scooters

Tips For Riding Mobility Scooters

Now that you have a brand new mobility scooter or even an electric wheelchair to enhance your mobility, it’s time to start familiarizing yourself with safety tips. That way, you can protect yourself and everyone around you while using it.

Here are some of the best tips from that you can follow when it comes to riding your mobility scooter.

Top Tips:

  1. Don’t Speed

First things first, you want to avoid speeding. As someone riding a vehicle, you need to heed pedestrians. They always have the right of way. You can always take your faster scooter to the pavement, you will need to adjust the speed to 4pmh. This is the max speed you are allowed to go.

  1. Be Careful

You want to be cautious when you are either mounting or dismounting from the pavement. Ideally, you want to use ramped curbs whenever possible. If you aren’t certain how high a curb your scooter can effectively climb, it’s time to look at the manual from the manufacturer. It should tell you what it’s capable of doing.

  1. Weight Limits

Whenever you are shopping for a scooter, you want to adhere to its weight limits. Every scooter has a weight limit. When shopping, avoid overloading it. Also, try to avoid overloading any specific area of your scooter while shopping. Don’t tend to stack everything near the front or on the wheel. This can get your scooter overbalanced and potentially tip it over.

  1. Know Your Terrain

When you are looking to operate your scooter safely, you need to be aware of your terrain. You should be adjusting the speed you are going based on the terrain, the weather conditions, and more. For instance, you don’t want to be going too fast on gravel. Likewise, you don’t want to speed on wet pavement and when too many pedestrians are around.

  1. Riding On The Road

You aren’t allowed to ride a scooter on the road unless it’s been approved for such use cases. For scooters, only those that are deemed class 3 scooters can do so. These are scooters that have rear lights, indicators, and a horn. They also need to be taxed before being used on the road. Generally, the retailer you buy it from will handle this paperwork for you.

  1. Obey All Laws

Whenever you are riding your scooter, you need to obey all of the laws and follow all of the traffic signs.

  1. Maintain Optimal Visibility

Whenever you are riding, you need to keep yourself highly visible at all times. Ideally, you want to outfit yourself with bright or even fluorescent clothing to maintain high visibility.