How is Vaping Safer than Smoking?

How is Vaping Safer than Smoking?

Smoking and vaping both have risks and side effects on the body. The little difference between smoking and vaping is that cigarettes contain tobacco and while burning tobacco, this smoking delivers nicotine. Smoking can cause stroke, heart disease, cancer, lung diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and diabetes. On the other hand, electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) contain a liquid, several chemicals, including nicotine and flavoring.

By heating, this liquid through the vaping process can deliver nicotine. This is kind of breathing in an aerosol. Based on this, vaping is a less harmful way than smoking. In some research, it is known that a person inhales about 7,000 chemicals through smoking and a lower number of chemicals are involved in vaping. For this reason, many people say that vaping is safer than smoking. We are going to discuss the topic  “vaping vs. smoking, which one is better”  in the article. You can also check nzovape for more information.

What are Vaping and Smoking?

Vaping: Users inhale the heating-up substance through vaping and smoking. Mainly there is a battery system in electronic cigarettes. The battery heats up coils and starts to vaporize liquid substances (contains nicotine and other chemicals) in a reservoir. These also come in small sizes that are easy to carry around with you day-to-day, for example, the geek bar vape is small and disposable, which means it’s easy to “vape”. This vaping process produces an aerosol and the aerosol gets inhaled into the lungs.

Smoking: Cigarettes contain tobacco. Users burn tobacco from cigarettes that produce smoke. Also, the burning of cigarettes forms some harmful chemicals. When the users breathe in the smoke along with other chemical or harsh substances it can cause serious lung diseases.

Vaping vs Smoking

  • Vapor or e-cigarette device works by vaporizing the liquid substances (the main element is nicotine). And traditional cigarettes work by burning tobacco and produce nicotine. Many harmful chemicals and smoke are also produced by burning cigarettes.
  • Electronic (e)-cigarette vapor contains considerably fewer toxin elements. Whereas tobacco smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals. That’s why E-cigarette have been used as a healthful alternative to traditional smoking cigarettes.
  • Side effects on the body

Long term effects of vaping are_

  1. The aerosol that gets inhaled into the lungs of the users can damage the cells of the lungs.
  2. It causes cells to break down and release free radicals into the body, which promotes cancer formation.
  3. Vaping disables vital immune cells in the lungs by producing inflammatory chemicals that weaken the immune system.
  4. E-cigarettes increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, stroke, heart attack.
  5. The nicotine of e-cigarettes or vaping products are very addictive and cause delay or harm to brain development in fetuses, children, adolescents and young adults

Long term effects of smoking are_

  1. Smoking causes reduced sperm production in the male body.
  2. It increases the risk of congenital disorders.
  3. It increases the risk of blindness or cataracts.
  4. The nicotine from burning tobacco of traditional cigarettes causes weakened immune system or immune system dysfunction.
  5. It causes inflammation in the body.
  6. Smoking produces toxic chemicals that can cause cancer development in the body.
  7. Smoking inflames the lungs and causes lung damage, kidney disease.
  8. It causes bronchial asthma.
  9. It increases the risk of stroke and causes heart diseases by blocking arteries and veins.

Is vaping safe for health?

It’s true that aerosol of e-cigarette or vaping doesn’t contain all the contaminant elements of tobacco cigarette smoke. And many people believe that e-cigarettes or vaping processes are less harmful than traditional tobacco smoking. But it is not like that and still is not safe for health. Here are some of the reasons:

  • The nicotine of e-cigarettes is produced by the vaping system, and is a highly addictive agent. Excessive levels of nicotine in the body can kill brain cells and harm the brain development of fetuses in women (who used to vape during pregnancy), kids, young children, teenagers.
  • e-cigarette vapor named nicotine contains many potentially dangerous substances like volatile organic compounds, diacetyl- the chemical that can cause serious lung disease, a chemical that breaks down the alveoli walls and cells, also produce free radicals that can cause cancer, and heavy metals such as lead, tin, and nickel.
  • The liquid substance of e-cigarettes can be dangerous as children, youngers and adults have been harmed by breathing, swallowing or absorbing the liquid through their skin.
  • The nicotine of e-cigarettes can cause high blood pressure, causing narrowing of blood vessels. Along with lung disease, vape from e-cigarettes can cause heart failure, heart diseases, kidney damage and congenital diseases.

How is vaping safer than smoking?

  • Vaping products or e-cigarettes were created to be a safer healthy alternative to tobacco smoking cigarettes. Basically, there is a slight difference between vaping and smoking. The vaping device contains less amount of nicotine, other chemical components and heavy metals than smoking cigarettes. That’s why it seems safer than smoking cigarettes.
  • The e-cigarette device produces vape by heating up the liquid substances including nicotine, flavoring and other chemicals that help to create vape in a cartridge or reservoir. But smoking cigarettes produces smoke and nicotine by burning tobacco. It relies on a flame. Many people think that smoking needs a flame but vaping needs a battery to heat up the liquid. Here is the point where people believe vaping is safer than smoking.
  • Vaping is not as dangerous as smoking. Many investigations prove that many e-cigarette users have severe pulmonary disease because of the addition of vitamin E acetate and tetrahydrocannabinol in e-cigarettes or vaping devices. There are also fewer side effects of vaping than smoking cigarettes in the body.
  • In some reports, it is proven that switching from tobacco smoking to vaping shows an improvement in endothelial function and vascular stiffness. Also, smoking causes dangerous effects on the respiratory system. In this case, it can be said that vaping is safer than smoking.

Some smokers have switched to e-cigarettes to reduce the risk and harmful effects to their health from tobacco smoking. The vaping devices contain addictive nicotine and less toxic agents but still can feel similar to cigarettes. Vaping and smoking both have a serious impact on the body. You should avoid the thing that can harm your physical health. But to quit smoking vaping can be the first effective choice.