Salesforce, Tableau and Mulesoft bring new Covid-19 data tools

Salesforce, Tableau and Mulesoft bring new Covid-19 data tools

Salesforce, Tableau, and Mulesoft have recently launched the COVID-19 software platform and developer portal to assist social and business reaction. As a digital emergence, Tableau and Mulesoft, along with parent group Salesforce, released a new The new features help streamline social access to data and enable teams to adapt to immediate problems in the middle of the existing contagion. Furthermore, IT team members could use the techniques to save time by leveraging pre-built application software (APIs) and developer assets versions of new COVID-19 response techniques. To gain deep insights into this abruption technology, definitely taking up Mulesoft online course is very beneficial.

Before going through the tools, we will explore any point platform, Mulesoft and Salesforce.

MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform is the leading incorporation and API framework in the globe. It allows associations to activate their information, encourage their businesses with integrated cloud APIs, and generate personalized experience quicker than ever. Anypoint Platform seems to be the only system that delivers a single platform for iPaaS and lifecycle Web services in the cloud.

MuleSoft, the world’s leading assimilation and API application purposes, is simpler to communicate information from every framework, no matter in which it exists, to generate a personalized experience faster. MuleSoft is used by hundreds of companies along all industry sectors to achieve speed, endurance, and creativity at dimension.

The COVID-19 epidemic has significantly affected the way businesses throughout all industries function because they are heavily dependent on IT and virtual abilities to keep clients,” said Liam Doyle, vice presidents, business development at Salesforce.

“As human beings begin a new stage of development of the crisis, organizations are intending how and where to return their employees safely to work or are under steadily increasing efforts to increase fresh assistance to enable these endeavours.

Producing adequate datasets and the ability to build innovative technology capabilities effectively, therefore, is critical, and our alternative solutions are adapted to satisfy these prerequisites.

COVID-19 Data Platform collects and publishes community information that helps corporate leaders and designers make informed decisions about going back to work.

The Crisis Response Developer Portal expedites mission-critical IT initiatives in the health care system and other frontline industrial sectors. As human beings continue to appear from the global financial crisis, business owners and community members of all dimensions want to restart as quickly and as humanely as possible.

COVID-19 publicly available information, on the other hand, is highly diverse throughout different sources as well as complicated to ingest; the challenge is to determine and which information is consistent with behaving on again and to an extent throughout encounters. Simultaneously, entities throughout industrial sectors are rushing to meet growing demands, necessitating a quicker way to access information throughout software and services.

As a result, developers are developing new resources and tools to allow corporate leaders and designers to obtain public health information and react promptly to time-sensitive. These expedition reforms necessitate knowledge from numerous systems. Those other systems allow IT team members to act rapidly by exploiting pre-built APIs and designer assets rather than starting from scratch, resulting in cost savings.

The new solutions offered by tableau and Mulesoft in partnership with Salesforce are:

  • Covid-19 Data Platform
  • Crisis developer response portal

Covid-19 data platform:

COVID-19 Data Framework is an open communication system for programmers and the Salesforce environment that powers Tableau COVID-19 Data Hub and Command Center. COVID-19 Digital Transformation consumes and accumulates data from official sources such as The New York Times, EUCDC, and the COVID Monitoring Project and organizes it into streamlined data structures which can be used to create data-driven decisions with confidence.

Those specific datasets offer constant updates on the number of instances at the county and state levels, the total count of positively and negatively testing results in the United States, and the number of new cases per day throughout the European Union, to name a few examples. The publicly available information, fueled by MuleSoft and Tableau, is accessible as open Standards on MuleSoft’s API and incorporation consumer market, Anypoint Exchange, and then within Tableau Public programmer or researcher to connectivity and incorporate important data into application areas and develop new visual representations.

Designers are capable of serving Requests and responses efficiently and simply everywhere in the world thanks to the commitment of Akamai, the intelligent edge portal for safeguarding and providing user experience. The Tableau COVID-19 Data Center is also accessible in Aws Cloud, allowing third-party designers who use Amazon Web Services to benefit from its valuation and collaborative effort (AWS).


Now we will explore how to get or acquire the data.

How to acquire the data?

  • MuleSoft: Begin by using the COVID APIs, which are featured on MuleSoft’s Anypoint Exchange. One can use such APIs to access COVID-19 information on cases, people who died, checking, hospital admissions, respirator use, and other topics.
  • The AWS Data Exchanges service provides the flexibility to locate, sign up to, and then use third-party files in the database. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Data Hub identifying in the AWS Data Sharing allows you to adhere to COVID-19 data information but more for cheap.
  • COVID-19 interaction information can be viewed immediately or made accessible via a Web Data Adapter from data. A product’s value allows users to upload, look up, and work collaboratively on massive and relevant large datasets.

Crisis Response Developer Portal: The Crisis Response Development firm Platform enables designers with moderated COVID-19-related assets, including the APIs and information modelling techniques for the COVID-19 Cloud Service; primary healthcare assimilation resources, including such APIs, frameworks, and practice guidelines to expedite the availability of effective project management; and compiled third-party Rest API to help companies identify the COVID-19 epidemic.

The Crisis Response Developer Portal will highlight efforts from effective partner and consumer initiatives, in addition to some of the most valuable info discovered on Anypoint Exchange, motivating a clustering centred on individual patients. Healthcare IT and other designers can rapidly endorse an organized frontline reaction by utilizing pre-built interoperability resources.


Tableau, Salesforce, Mulesoft worked effectively during the crisis and came with highly engaging and quality solutions. These solutions helped the entire world get out of the pandemic situation the world is facing. Moreover, if you are a developer and want to contribute your knowledge, Mulesoft online training is advantageous.

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