The Essentials All Guys Should Pack for A Beach Vacation

The Essentials All Guys Should Pack for A Beach Vacation

Beach days are coming! Who’s with us? We can’t wait to hang out in the sun, swim until we get tired and simply relax (don’t we all need that?).

If you’re going on a beach vacation, you’ve probably already planned your schedule and made a list of things you want to do. But how about your packing list?

Many guys find packing for a holiday stressful and don’t know what they should take to feel and look their best in sunny destinations like Belmond Cap Juluca.

Well, you’re in luck because we have this covered!

Here are the essentials all guys should pack for a beach vacation.

Linen shirts

It’s definitely in the top three of things on your packing list. Linen mens swim shirts are super versatile; they will work for a lazy day at the beach, a fun tour around the area, and an exciting night out.

If you’re taking only a weekender or a carry-on bag, pack a shirt in a neutral colour like white, grey or sky blue, but you can always throw in one in salmon or mustard if there’s space in the luggage.


Okay, let’s get real for a moment. There’s nothing more comfortable than a t-shirt, so you’ll want to pack at least a few for your vacation too.

As it’s going to be hot, you’ll need a tee for each day, so take a few in white, grey and your favourite summer colours like yellows, greens and blues.

You always want to go with high-quality t-shirts like the ones from Fresh Clean Tees over something that’s going to make you sweat and look unkempt. Visit to find their all black 5-tees pack!

Polo shirts 

For a splash of colour, don’t forget your trusty Polo shirts. Pack at least two, one in pastel colour and the second in your favourite bright pop!

Polo shirts can be worn for casual evenings, then wear by day for sightseeing.

What’s excellent about Polo shirts is that the collar and the fabric make them look more formal than a regular tee, so you’ll probably get a pass even at a more fancy restaurant!

Patterned short-sleeve shirt

Always wanted to wear a fun patterned shirt but never found a chance? Well, a beach vacation is perfect for taking these bad boys out!

You can go crazy with the massive Hawaiian prints if that’s your jam, but if you like things more casual, choose fine patterns and toned down colours.


Our favourite beach shorts are linen as they are light, breathable and look really good with a tee or a Polo.

But if you like your shorts tailored, you’ll never go wrong with nice chinos in white, blues, dusty rose, greens and other summer colours. Leave your black and dark navy shorts at home. We’re having fun here!

Linen trousers 

Hot days call for linen trousers! You’ll look super dapper when dining at those beach restaurants, strolling the boardwalk and sailing the coast (if you’re lucky!).

Always buy high-quality linen as various blends are not as breathable and will lose shape after the first washing.

A blazer or a jacket

It doesn’t shout “vacay”, but you might need one if you’re planning to dine at certain restaurants that have a dress code.

You can do a little bit of investigating about your destination and see whether an unstructured blazer would work as they’re more comfortable and relaxed.

A summer sweater

Yep, it doesn’t sound great, but you know that even warm destinations have those breezes that make you shiver at night!

That’s why you should always pack a nice summer sweater. Merino wool, cotton, or linen knits are great choices.


It’s probably needless to say that clunky boots and Oxfords won’t be necessary if you’re planning to spend most of your time at the beach and the seaside towns.

The ultimate summer shoes are sandals, flip flops, espadrilles, boat shoes and canvas sneakers. If you have space in your luggage, back them all. Otherwise, a pair of boat shoes and flip flops will suffice!


Besides the foundational wardrobe, you shouldn’t forget such items as swim trunks, hat, sunglasses and your favourite jewellery.

Pack a minimum of two pairs of swim trunks so you can rotate them, make sure your glasses have the right UV protection and get a hat that works best for your style. Your safest choices are plain caps, but you can always experiment with a fedora too!