Want To Get The Most Out Of Your Virtual Number? It’s All About Choosing The Right Provider

Can you remember the last time you tried to buy the cheaper version of something? Say, a pair of shoes or a new suit. Our guess is that didn’t go that well for you, are we right?

But that’s not to say you should always go with the most expensive option. After all, even with identical products, one can easily price it much higher with good marketing.

We believe the same goes with everything, including VoIP numbers. There’s a lot to be said about this tech specifically because we know people think that virtual numbers are all the same anyway.

But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Here, you’ll learn three very important things: why you need a VoIP phone number, what you should look for in a provider, and our top pick.

A quick intro on the VoIP number

If you’ve been following the latest trends on business productivity, you won’t see this up the list.

Don’t get us wrong. It’s great. But at this point in the game, it’s already expected that you have one if you’re in a business.

This type of number is in the Cloud instead of inside a SIM card. Granted, all of the basic functions are the same. But this one distinct difference lets you access a lot of benefits such as:

  • Running a remote call center agency. You can get a number from practically anywhere, regardless of where you are. Your agents don’t have to be at any particular place.

  • Cutting costs from international calls. When you call someone abroad, you don’t have to use your local number. You can just get a virtual number from that specific location.

  • Answer calls on different devices. All you have to do is install an app or software to make this happen.

These and a lot more, you can access with an IP number. And just like any mainstream tech, getting started isn’t hard either. They make it really simple for you to enjoy the benefits:

  1. Use special software or an app. In this sense, you’re creating a virtual phone that lets you call and text like you normally do.

  2. Route everything to your personal number. This way, they can still reach you as if they have your personal number. But you can cut off this access whenever you want.

With all that it has to offer, you must assess providers using a magnifying glass. Your experience with this tech might just depend on it.

What should you know about a provider before you buy phone numbers?

There are a lot of providers out there. But having more information about the provider should help narrow down your options. You should know about their:

Track record

If their clients are generally dissatisfied with the service, you better steer clear of them. Chances are you’ll have the same experience, and you’ll end up frustrated.

But at the same time, avoid those that have excessively glowing reviews because the provider probably paid for them. Not a lot of people are going to dedicate that amount of time to a review.

Service offerings

When you buy phone number for your business, you’ll probably need more soon. Your choice should support integrations so that you can run everything seamlessly.


We’re not saying marketing is bad. How else will you know about their services? But if you feel any pressure to buy from them, that’s a huge red flag. A reputable provider that knows it’s good would guide you to the purchase through information, not pressure tactics.

Our recommendation: HotTelecom

Having considered the points above, we believe HotTelecom to be the best choice out there for anyone. With them, you get:

Free SIP account

Should you request one, you’ll be provided this with your purchase. And this goes even for one-month subscriptions.

Consistently excellent connection

HotTelecom is always working and investing in their existing infrastructure to maintain superb call quality and consistency to their ever-growing list of patrons.

They know how crucial this is to your overall experience, so they don’t skimp on quality.

Numbers from 90+ countries

And with this huge selection, you know that there’s always going to be a virtual phone number for you. They don’t just cater to high-demand markets. They make this tech available to just about everyone.

Privacy assurance

With HotTelecom, what’s private remains private because they take data privacy seriously. That’s why they encrypt all data that goes through the number to protect you from third parties.

HotTelecom: Always available and reachable, all over the world

You can use their virtual phone numbers in 100 countries. So no matter where you go, the number goes with you.

True to the tech’s purpose of creating location-independent businesses, HotTelecom will help you push boundaries and secure success with enhanced capabilities made possible with a virtual number.

So if you want to experience the best that this tech has to offer, your best bet is HotTelecom.

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