Ensure A Healthy Sex Life With These Eleven Tips

Ensure A Healthy Sex Life With These Eleven Tips

Sex is more than just a means of procreation. It is an act that can evoke emotions such as love, excitement, longing, and happiness. Sexual well-being is part of a healthy lifestyle, which is why it’s important to explore your own and your partner’s sexual desires, whether that’s via websites like x3guide.com or by talking to a professional. Repression of how you feel while denying your sexual urges can leave lasting psychological effects on you. Therefore, like everything in life, try and pay attention to your sex life.

However, while you may enjoy sex now and then, you can hit a roadblock. You may feel the sex with your partner isn’t great anymore, or something is missing from the bedroom. Thoughts like these are natural. The minute you start feeling unsure about your sex life, you should work on it.

Through this article, we will provide you with tips for healthy sex life. The key takeaway is to include your partner in all aspects of sex. So, whether you are in a committed relationship or use a free sex near me website to find partners, here’s how you can work on your sex life:

1.      Talk to your partner

Communication is vital for healthy sex life, irrespective of sexuality. As explained on The Truly Charming, there’s an entire world, a whole rainbow if you will, of sexuality types along a spectrum, so wherever you are on that spectrum, if you feel like things are getting boring, bring it up with your partner and discuss how you can spice it up. Maybe you should buy sex toys or maybe go on a vacation. No matter what the solution is, your partner needs to be on board with you. If you feel uncomfortable during sex or like a particular move, mention that as well.

2.      Educate yourself

Suppose you – or your male partner – have trouble with an erection. Search the internet and look for reviews on suitable pills to remedy the problem. However, do consult a healthcare professional before investing in products that seem suspicious. Or buy sildenafil, which is an excellent medication to counter erectile dysfunction in men. You should also read reliable self-help books and material online that can guide you more about sexual pleasure and how to drive it.

3.      Try different positions

If you have engaged in a specific position most of your life, try changing the game. Find new positions that may stimulate you and your partner. You can even try extending sex through edge play. Bring your partner to the brink of orgasm and then stop.  Repeat this move till your heart’s desire. However, while trying a new position, find out if they’re safe to do and how to prevent possible injuries. While being adventurous, it is not worth getting injured.

4.      Discuss your fantasies

It is good to find out what your partner wants inside the bedroom. Maybe they want to reenact a scenario or experience vr porn with you. Perhaps they want to try out new lubes and sex toys. No matter what it is, try to find out and execute it in the bedroom. A change of pace may be what you need to have a better sex life. The more you indulge with your partner and encourage them to express themselves, the more you will feel connected to them.

5.      Try Kegel

Kegel exercises can help both men and women. For men, it can prevent premature ejaculation and help their erection last for an extended period. For women, it makes intercourse more pleasurable. To do kegel, you have to exercise your pelvic floor muscle. Tighten the muscles that would cut off urination mid-stream once you can identify that muscle, contract, and relax it consistently. Try holding the contraction for two to three seconds and repeat it at least ten times a day. You can perform these exercises anywhere. The more you do them, the better for you.

6.      See a sex therapist

Sex therapists are licensed psychotherapists. Their job entails helping couples with sexual hurdles. Suppose you feel like your sex life is suffering from a lack of intimacy or poor sexual function. In that case, a sex therapist can guide you on ways to improve. You can either go for individual therapy, couples therapy, or family therapy. Sex therapists can work with people of any age, gender, or sexual orientation.

7.      Don’t smoke

Smoking does harm to your overall health and not just your lungs. It may trigger early menopause for women, while it may limit blood flow to the penis for men. This affects your sex life since you will struggle to perform well. Therefore, try quitting the habit while you can. You can use nicotine patches or gum to help you get over your addiction.

8.      Limit alcohol

Alcohol can also cause erectile dysfunction. It inhibits sexual reflexes since it clouds the nervous system. Drinking alcohol also causes liver cirrhosis and the production of estrogen in men. For women, alcohol abuse can trigger hot flashes, cause insomnia and generally wear the body down. Apart from sex, for an alcoholic, doing essential functions such as waking up in the morning and working become tedious.

9.      Practice touching your partner

You want to learn about your partner’s erogenous zones before engaging in coitus. So it is a good idea to touch them, as often and frequently as possible – with their consent. Let your touches guide you. Apply gentle and firm pressure on different parts of their body. Allow your partner to be vocal and tell you where they enjoy being touched and focus your attention there. When you engage in foreplay, take your time on your partner’s body. Make them feel attractive and loved with tingles of pleasure.

10.  Have time for intimacy

A common complaint most couples have is they think they’ve hit a dry spell. This happens when sex becomes less frequent or goes entirely out of the picture. It would help if you never let this come in between your relationship. No matter how busy you may be, pencil down sex. Choose a date and time, and prepare for a meeting. Prepare for sex. You can try and do this over the weekend.

11.  Exercise often

Maintain your physical health so you’re better in bed. Exercise helps you build up resilience and stamina. You also have a better-looking physique, which does wonders for your self-esteem. When you feel confident, you may even attempt to do better in bed. It would help if you did a mixture of different exercises such as deep breathing and strength training.

Wrap up

Your sex life doesn’t have to fall apart. You can always nurture it towards an enjoyable and healthy experience. Communicate with your partner to learn where the intimacy lacks and learn about each other’s fantasies. Educate yourself about your sexual health and try supplements. You may want to try different positions to enhance the experience.

Consult a professional sex therapist to learn more about your sexual health. Take out time for intimacy and practice touching your partner. Finally, take care of all aspects of your physical health, such as alcohol and tobacco consumption and the amount of exercise you do.

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