4 Ways to Uniquely Customize a Range Hood for Your Kitchen

4 Ways to Uniquely Customize a Range Hood for Your Kitchen

If you’ve been looking for a new copper range hood for your kitchen, and you’ve been searching for the perfect hood to no avail, it might be time to consider customizing. First, you’ll choose the type of range hood and the mount style that will fit the needs of your current kitchen setup. Then, you’ll get to choose from many styles, colors, and embellishments to design the range hood you envision. Visit Kitchensbyrupp.com for more info.

Here are the steps to get you started on creating a copper custom range hood:

Choose the type of range hood you need.

 First, you’ll need to decide what type of range hood you will need out of the following options: custom, ductless, kitchen, commercial, and outdoor. Some range hoods will overlap and serve multiple categories. Visit this shaker series cabinets showroom in Orlando

It’s important that you choose ductless if you don’t have a ventilation duct system and outdoor if you’ll be placing the unit outside. You may be able to choose between kitchen and commercial units and, of course, custom options are always a good choice.

Choose how you’ll mount your range hood.

 There are three mounting options: on the wall, under the cabinet, or over the kitchen island. Unless you’re in the beginning stages of kitchen renovation, you probably have a good idea of how you will mount your custom range hood, so go ahead and select the best option.

Some styles are available in 3-sided for mounting on the wall as well as 4-sided or more for mounting over the island.

Choose a style for your custom range hood.

 This step starts the creative process. You’ll find custom range hoods come in a variety of styles including artisan, classic, designer, euro, modern, premier, and signature. Here is a brief breakdown of each type:

  • Artisan: boxy with bell-like curves
  • Classic: flares from top to bottom with a boxed off lower rim
  • Designer: long and rectangular
  • Euro: long shaft at the top with different hood styles
  • Modern: straight-edged triangular appearance with boxed off lower rim
  • Premier: wide rectangular hoods with a low-profile; perfect for under cabinet
  • Signature: similar to classic with more design features

Within each style type, you’ll find units with added embellishments like straps, rivets, crowns, and pot rails.

Choose a finish that matches your kitchen.

 You might picture that copper range hoods look like gleaming reddish-brown metal in the middle of your kitchen, clashing with your muted gray walls and dark granite countertops. In reality, copper range hoods come in more finishes than many other range types. You can find a range of hounds in neutrals like white, gray, black, brown, and silver metal, and a variety of red, pink, yellow, and green tones.

Even better, you can customize the finish on your hardware and embellishments, including the straps and rivets, with a different color than the main unit.

The Possibilities are Endless

When you customize your copper , the possibilities are truly endless. A custom range hood gives you the power to create what you truly want for your kitchen. If you shop online, you can easily filter for these options and select your preferences to purchase a range hood quickly, easily, and exactly as you want it.

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