What To Do If You’ve Been Bit by a Dog

If you have ever been bit by a dog, you know how scary it can be. Being bit by your own dog might seem out of the ordinary. Perhaps you were playing a little too rough or it became scared and lashed out.

But being bit by a dog you don’t know is even a scarier situation. You are not aware of what types of shots or vaccinations they have received. You do not know if they have contracted something like rabies or some other form of disease.

From cleaning the wound down to finding the right dog bite attorney for financial compensation, there are several things you need to take into consideration. Regardless if you know the dog or not, here are a few things you need to do immediately:

Get Yourself to Safety

 First, and most importantly, you need to get yourself to safety. If it’s your own dog, you want to remove yourself from the room your dog is in. They need to be able to calm down before you decide what your next actions are.

If you do not know the dog and you are out in a public area, find your way to a safe location away from the dog.

 Clean the Wound

 In order to avoid infection or further complications, you will want to clean out the wound. Wash it under warm water for five to ten minutes using a mild, unscented antibacterial soap. Once you have cleaned it out thoroughly, dab it lightly with a clean cloth. Then, cover the wound with an antibacterial ointment and wrap it to stop any further bleeding.

Make An Appointment with Your Doctor or Urgent Care

Different breeds of dogs may be more susceptible to different types of diseases or have different character traits that may make them more aggressive.

Dog bites can often lead to an infection that could require immediate attention from your doctor, so be sure to know where your closest urgent care near me is located. It is also important to see a doctor in case of any further underlying issue that goes on beyond the surface level wound.

Your doctor will be able to test for anything further and will more than likely ask about when your last tetanus shot was. If the wound is deep enough, the doctor may need to implement stitches depending on the severity of the bite.

Contact Your Local Attorney

 If you have been bit by a dog that is not your own, you may be eligible for compensation. You will want to look into hiring a dog bite attorney. They specialize in these circumstances to ensure that the owner of the dog is financially responsible for any medical bills, compensation for time missed at work due to the injury, or in the unfortunate circumstance of a fatality if severe enough.

How To Avoid Dog Bites In the Future

 Getting bit by a dog is something we all want to avoid. To best avoid this situation, here are a few measures you can take to prevent getting bit by a dog:


  1. Steer clear of dogs you don’t know.
  2. Never leave your children alone with any dog, regardless if they are your own or not.
  3. When adopting or purchasing a dog, find one with a good temperament.
  4. Do not approach a dog quickly, especially towards the face, when trying to pet it or play with it.
  5. If you are with a dog that becomes aggressive, remain calm. Fast movements such as screaming or running away from it may only instigate further reactions.

Remember, at the end of the day, you have to make your own safety the priority. If you are uncertain about how a dog may react to you or your children, steer clear. If the unfortunate event of getting bit by a dog happens to you, contact your doctor immediately.