Best Lighting Ideas for Your Bathroom

Best Lighting Ideas for Your Bathroom

Want to design the bathroom of your dreams? Be sure to get the lighting right.

Lighting is often an afterthought in many bathroom renovation projects. The truth is, strategically placed bathroom lights can have a transformative effect, hitting all the right notes with style, ambience, and functionality.

Read on as we list some of the best bathroom lighting ideas for your home. And, we call them “the best ideas” for a reason — they are all tried-and-tested so they are guaranteed to work!

  1. Have the right combination of lights

It’s a common misconception that one light is enough to light up a small bathroom. Regardless of the size, your bathroom should have task, ambient, accent, and decorative lighting to look and feel like a relaxing sanctuary. This lighting scheme meets all your needs, providing functional lighting for performing day-to-day tasks, low-level illumination for the right ambience, and ornamental touches to tie it all together.

  1. Marry lights with mirrors

Mirrors and lights complement each other. You need lights near your bathroom mirrors to be able to see your face properly, while mirrors bounce off lights to create an illusion of space, so your bathroom feels bigger than it is. But you should know how to pair them optimally.

For example, when you place your task lights directly above your mirror, it leaves a shadow on your face. Instead, placing them on the either side of your mirror as wall lights or sconces would be ideal.

Bored of sconces? Or, not much wall space? No worries. You could hang pendant lights from the ceiling or opt for LED backlit lighted mirrors.

  1. Create a focal point

Accentuating a particular zone is a proven design trick that imparts a polished, designer look to your space. Accent lighting is your best friend when drawing attention to a specific area. You could use recessed lights to show off an artwork filled wall, or wall-mounted shelves housing your plants or collectibles, or even just your vanity area when remodeling your bathroom.

  1. Paint your bathroom white

Keeping the colour scheme of your bathroom as white as possible is an age-old technique to maximise lighting. But we all know that a pristine white bathroom can be a nightmare to clean and maintain. Plus, it can make your space come off as clinical. Instead, you could go for softer shades of white such as off-white, beige, ivory, or even light pastel tones of green and blue can be excellent.

  1. Choose high-quality lighting fixtures

Irrespective of your stylistic choices, it’s best to use good quality lighting fixtures in your bathroom. They are durable, safe, and an absolute must for achieving a high-end look. Especially, if you’re fond of a clean, minimalist appearance that’s timeless, your fixtures will be noticed.

It’s also worth consulting your electrician before purchasing the fixtures to rule out any incompatibility with the existing electrical components. It will save you repeated trips to the store.

Those were some of the best bathroom lighting tips that you can utilise while designing your dream bathroom.

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